Backstage Update On Shane McMahon vs Dolph Ziggler At WrestleMania

Apparently plans to have Shane McMahon and Dolph Ziggler face off at WrestleMania 34 have now changed following last week's SmackDown Live.

Despite WrestleMania 34 now being less than three weeks away a lot of the rivalries on SmackDown Live are still pretty muddled. The main culprit is the three way feud between Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Shane McMahon. Owens and Zayn have been booked to go one on one with each other but that will likely change before April 8th as Shane and Daniel Bryan undoubtedly continue to get involved.

There are also a few notable absentees from the WrestleMania card right now, and as WWE has demonstrated in recent years, they want to get pretty much everyone on that biggest card of the year. Despite competing for the WWE Championship at Fastlane a little over a week ago, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin were absent from SmackDown Live last Tuesday and currently have no WrestleMania plans.


It wasn't too long ago that the internet was rife with rumors indicating that Ziggler would be going head to head with Shane O Mac on The Grandest Stage Of Them All. What sparked those rumors was The Show Off reminding the WWE Universe that he has never had a one on one match at WrestleMania. That could have led to he and McMahon butting heads to the point that Ziggler got his wish but in a match versus the commissioner.

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According to Brad Shepard of Bodyslam.net however, those plans have now been nixed. Instead WWE creative will be pushing forward with the aforementioned three way rivalry between Shane, KO and Zayn as was demonstrated during the closing stages of last week's SmackDown Live. The commissioner was about to take a leave of absence but the beating he suffered will likely see him return as soon as he recovers from his injuries. Shepard also added that there was even a graphic of the Ziggler - McMahon match ready and waiting.

At the time of typing this it's unclear as to why exactly WWE creative have made a u-turn in regards to the Ziggler versus Shane match. The likelihood is that they realized how little time they actually have to build to that match from effectively nothing. Instead they will continue with a rivalry between Owens, McMahon and Zayn which has been burning since last summer.

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