Shane McMahon's Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing In Atlantic Ocean

A helicopter that Shane McMahon was a passenger in had to make an emergency landing in the Atlantic Ocean this past Wednesday.

A helicopter carrying SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon had to make an emergency landing off the coast of Long Island, New York on July, 19,2017. The chopper went down near Gilgo Beach carrying both Shane O'Mac and the pilot, but nobody else. Thankfully neither man on board the aircraft was hurt or injured in any way following the incident.

After encountering complications in the air, McMahon was informed by his pilot, Mario Regtien, they had to make an emergency landing in the water below. Regiten put out a mayday call that was picked up by a nearby commercial flight on its way to Kennedy International Airport. The message was then relayed by the flight to FAA controllers at a radar facility. Once they had landed on the water the two awaited rescue from the local coastguard.

The incident has understandably made mainstream news with the nature of the event and the status of McMahon. ESPN posted an article as well as a video that features interviews with Shane and his pilot Regtien once they made it back to shore. McMahon seemed extremely level headed considering what he had just been through and told reporters that although the experience was unnerving, Regtien's level headedness meant he also remained calm.


McMahon is pretty well known for taking some extremely risky bumps, but this one is next level even for him. Last year, he jumped from the top of a "Hell In A Cell" cage, this week he fell from the sky. Joking aside the SmackDown Live commissioner is somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, and while the emergency landing wasn't a planned occurrence, his love of risk explains why he was so calm once he had to relay the story to the news outlets awaiting him.

McMahon walked away from the incident completely unscathed and has already told fans not to worry and that he'll see them at the WWE pay-per-view Battleground this Sunday, July 22, 2017. Whether you're a fan of McMahon or not, after first hearing of this story it's a relief to know that he's okay considering the circumstances and what the worst case scenario could have been.

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