Did Shane McMahon Get Hurt For Real At Hell In A Cell

It was a stunt many people knew was coming, but Shane McMahon may have suffered multiple injuries following his jump from the top of the cell on Sunday night. After jumping off the cell at WrestleMania 32 and walking away with only minor bumps and bruises, Shane McMahon was bound to try and one-up himself by leaping off the cell in his Falls Count Anywhere match with Kevin Owens at Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

It was a spot that was highly dramatic. After the two combatants battled it out on top of the cell for a good five minutes, Owens decided to come down but was caught by McMahon who, while wrestling with Owens on the side of the cell structure, sent the former Universal Champion plummeting down onto a table. Realizing he'd worn Owens down, McMahon went for the kill. He dragged Owens lifeless body onto the middle announce table, symbolically headbutted Owens, and climbed to the top of the cell where he overlooked his prone opponent. Falling down 20ft, McMahon missed Owens thanks to a save by former best friend Sami Zayn.


From first appearances, Shane-O-Mac looked to have landed the spot as well as anybody who fell from 20 ft onto a table, could. The table appeared to have a bit more padding and he was square when he took the brunt of the force. But, reports have surfaced that McMahon is dealing with multiple injury concerns.

While he was rolled over and pinned to finish the contest, wheeled out on a stretcher and gave a thumbs-up to the live audience, reports from WWE.com is that McMahon has, at the least, neck trauma, fractured ribs, and a dislocated shoulder.


Obviously, these injuries could be legitimate. No one can fall from that far and multiple times before something finally goes wrong. That said, Kevin Owens did promise leading into the match that Shane McMahon would leave the pay-per-view a broken man. Is this a real injury? Or, is this WWE following through with a storyline and adding more drama to the upcoming angle which will now include Sami Zayn.

Speculation is that Zayn and Owens will team up at Survivor Series to take on the team of Shane McMahon and AJ Styles.

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