Shane McMahon's Son Fliped Off Sami Zayn At Hell In A Cell

One of Shane McMahon's sons had a special message for Sami Zayn after The Underdog helped Kevin Owens beat his father at Hell In A Cell.

Two days on from Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon's jaw-dropping Hell In A Cell match and the WWE Universe is still wondering why Sami Zayn did what he did. McMahon took things to the extreme in an attempt to put Owens away, attempting to give The Prizefighter an elbow drop from the top of the cell. The all or nothing gamble didn't pay off though as Owens was dragged out of the way in the nick of time by Zayn.

After that heart-stopping moment, Zayn cleared the EMTs away from McMahon and draped Owens over him so that he could pick up the win. The former NXT Champion then took his leave, visibly shocked at what he had just done, as Owens was helped to the back by an official and an EMT and Shane-O Mac was stretchered out of the arena. During all the commotion, someone in the front row had a message for Zayn before he left.

As is well documented, Shane McMahon has three young sons who, most of the time, are sitting in the front row for their father's matches. The main event at Hell In A Cell was no different and the three boys had some of the best seats in the house when it came to seeing McMahon's stunt. What's more, Zayne had to walk right past them as he left the ringside area and as he did one of McMahon's kids decided to flip him off. The moment was caught and posted on social media by an eagle-eyed fan.


What's next for this whole angle is still unclear as at, the time of typing this, SmackDown Live is still a number of hours away. The most logical explanation is that Zayn has become sick of not getting the opportunities that he believes are afforded to him and has now sided with his enemy Kevin Owens in hope that it'll change that. If AJ Styles' comments on Talking Smack are anything to go by though, it would appear that a tag team match pitting Zayn and Owens against McMahon and Styles is in the offing, perhaps at Survivor Series.

Shane having his children front and center when he performs these death-defying stunts can seem a little full on, but at this point, it would seem that all three of his sons are well aware of what's going on in his matches. Not only did one of Shane's sons flip off Sami after the cell jump took place, but throughout the ma, ch they were reacting to Kevin Owens.


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