Mae Young Classic Star Begins Training At Performance Center

The Mae Young Classic was a great way to highlight women's wrestling across the globe, now, one star from the tournament began her WWE training.

Mae Young Classic finalist Shayna Baszler has begun training at WWE's Performance Center as she inches closer to becoming a regular in-ring performer.

This past summer, WWE continued their latest trend of staging tournaments to showcase different areas of pro wrestling. Last year, the Cruiserweight Classic took place at Full Sail, in January WWE went to Blackpool to showcase some of the best talents on offer in the United Kingdom, and this past summer, we the fans were treated to a women's tournament dubbed the Mae Young Classic.

Of the 32 women that competed in the tournament, there were an incredible amount of tremendous wrestlers and Superstars that WWE really need to sign to contracts. One woman in particular that stood out was Shayna Baszler. Despite making a name for herself in MMA, Baszler showed an incredible aptitude for pro wrestling, becoming a white-hot heel over the course of just a handful of matches.


Shayna made it all the way to the final where she eventually lost to Japanese star Kairi Sane. Kairi was already signed to NXT, so there was no worry for WWE about tying her down, but Baszler was not. Triple H wasted no time in getting the signature of the MMA Horsewoman though. Now a few weeks on from that the Mae Young Classic finalist has begun attending the WWE Performance Center as revealed by WWE themselves. Shayna shared a brief word about continuing her wrestling training at the PC, stating that in some ways, pro wrestling is more important to her than MMA.


Shayna and Kairi were the two stand out acts in a terrific field of women during this summer's tournament. The main story arc driving Baszler along was the continued presence of her fellow MMA Horsewomen at ringside, one of which is Ronda Rousey. If everything goes to plan, we could see an eight-woman tag match between those four ladies and WWE's Four Horsewomen. At the very least, it would seem Rousey will be following in Shayna's footsteps and trading the octagon in for a wrestling ring.


Baszler truly does almost have it all when it comes to wrestling very early on in her career. It was plain to see during the Mae Young Classic that she has been a lifetime fan of the business. All Shayna really needs now is for her in-ring abilities to be improved and fine-tuned, and that's exactly what trainers will help her with at the Performance Center.

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Mae Young Classic Star Begins Training At Performance Center