Former WWE Superstar Shoots On Enzo Amore's Heat On 205 Live

It appears Enzo Amore is everyone's favorite whipping boy. While he may deserve it based on his actions behind the scenes and on the Internet, when it comes to how he approaches the wrestling industry and the people he works with, Amore is now getting ragged on by the people he even face-off against. Former WWE Superstar Shawn Daivari is the latest to get in on the action, suggesting Amore already has heat in the 205 Live locker room.

Amore has been in the news as of late for doing things like going on Twitter rants about his former partner and best friend Big Cass. He was kicked off a WWE tour bus for allegedly talking down about the wrestling business and recently, he posted photos of himself posing with celebrities at the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight—a fight he spent $10K to attend. Clearly, his approach to the business rubbed many wrestlers the wrong way, and his move to 205 Live was seen by many as a demotion of sorts.

Reports are, that hasn't seemed to stop Enzo. While he brings life and energy to 205 Live, he's moved from being a little man on a big Raw roster to the worst wrestler in the Cruiserweight Division. With that knowledge in his back pocket, he's come into 205 Live with guns a-blazing, and it isn't sitting well with the cruiserweight talent.


On the WrestleInc Podcast, Daivari points out that, "The guy's in a hot act, they split up the hot act, the partner gets injured and they're like, 'Well, what do we do with him? Let's put him here.' And then if it looks like it's not a good fit what are they gonna do next? Put him on SmackDown, probably." That's not high praise for a guy who had the ability to be one of the WWE's and 205 Live's next big stars.


So too, because Amore is coming from Raw, the WWE has immediately stuck him in a program with Cruiserweight Champion Neville. Enzo brings some name recognition, but Neville has been warned by former stars like Chris Jericho that he's going to need to do the heavy lifting in their matches and this is a sentiment that Daivari seems to agree with but points out that Amore is clueless.


Daivari "I think he's already ruffling feathers at 205 talking down to guys like, 'Well you know you really need to be doing it this way, there's no psychology to that, you're all flips and dips,'" Daivari said. "Everyone's like, 'You're the worst wrestler on the f---ing card. Even if it is too much flippy-dippy, you can't even do the flippy-dippy or the basic stuff!'"


If what Daivari says is true, Amore just doesn't appear to get it. He's got a gift of gab that few people in the WWE have, but he's throwing it away by acting in a manner that is isolating him from the rest of the talent. How long can this last before he's on an island by himself and has nobody left to stand up for him?

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