Shawn Michaels Says There Were Talks of WrestleMania Match Against AJ Styles

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels retired from wrestling after losing to The Undertaker in a thrilling match at WrestleMania XXVI. Even though he hasn't wrestled in eight years, the rumors and speculation of The Heartbreak Kid coming back for "one more match" never go away.

Last year, fans were hoping that HBK would return to the Royal Rumble - which took place in his hometown of San Antonio. Then, rumors of Michaels returning at WrestleMania 34 began to build up.

But in a recent interview with The Mirror, Michaels revealed that a match against AJ Styles was being discussed:

"There was talk about it possibly happening at WrestleMania. I think he's an an unbelievably talented young man. I wish I was 10 to 15 years younger because there are so many great guys.

But it's very important to me, I wouldn't have retired unless I was ready to walk away. I'm flattered that every year when WrestleMania comes up people talk about me coming back, but I enjoy my time with my family, I enjoy watching WrestleMania and I also enjoy watching WWE move into the future."

Styles wound up facing SmackDown Live commissioner Shane McMahon instead, and the Phenomenal One came out on top in one of 2017's best matches - as dreams of a Michaels return died once again.


Michaels explained that his decision to retire came after a WWE employee mentioned that he would miss his son growing up as he was "halfway" to his 18th birthday. Realizing he wanted to spend more time with his family, Michaels decided to retire.

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Though fans are hoping that the Hall of Famer has another match in him, it's easy to understand why Michaels wants to stay retired. Some wrestlers like Ric Flair, Kevin Nash and Sting wrestled longer than they should have. Michaels' last match was one of the best in WWE history, and he can't be at fault for walking away on an extremely high note.


Michaels is flourishing as a trainer and ambassador for the WWE. He still makes sporadic appearances for the company all while spending more time with his family. So as much as we fans want him back, one must respect Michaels for putting family first.


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