Shawn Michaels To Star In New WWE Film

Shawn Michaels is among many Superstars who will appear in the latest film produced by WWE Studios.

It appears that we have confirmation on when the latest iteration of The Marine movie franchise will begin filming, and also who will be co-starring alongside The Miz as his marine sidekick.

Shawn Michaels is set to appear in the next entry into The Marine franchise, according to a statement from WWE Studios released on Wednesday. Titled The Marine 6: Close Quarters, the movie will star The Miz, who returns as ex-marine Jake Carter, and co-star Shawn Michaels as fellow marine Luke Trapper.

Becky Lynch will also make her theatrical debut in the film, although her upcoming role hasn’t been disclosed.

The Marine 6: Close Quarters will once again center around ex-marine Jake Carter (The Miz), but this time he will pair up with Luke Trapper (Shawn Michaels) as they stumble on an international human trafficking crime syndicate. With a group of women being held as slaves, it is up to Carter and Trapper to both rescue the girls and take down criminals.


“The Marine series continues to deliver action-packed entertainment to our fans, and we are excited to partner again with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and director James Nunn to bring The Marine 6: Close Quarters to a global audience,” said WWE Studios President Michael Luisi in the press release.


Earlier this week, The Miz’s reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion came to an abrupt end at the hands of Roman Reigns on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. With the help of Shield teammates Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose keeping Cesaro and Sheamus at bay, Reigns was able to take down the A-Lister to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

After the match Miz stuck around to badmouth the people of Houston, shouting that it was their fault he lost the match. That is until all three members of The Shield appeared to put a stop to his ranting - violently. After a devastating kick from Rollins that laid The Miz out flat on the ramp, Ambrose knocked him into the Raw signage while Reigns finally powerbombed him throw an announcer's table.

The Miz was written off Raw following the match, but it was later revealed the loss was primarily due to his commitment to the latest The Marine movie endeavor.


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Shawn Michaels To Star In New WWE Film