Shawn Michaels Almost Accidentally Ended The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak

The referee for the first Shawn Michaels – Undertaker WrestleMania match almost counted The Deadman out after he landed on his head.

At WrestleMania 25 The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels went one-on-one in a bout that many in the business consider to be the greatest pro wrestling match of all time. The Deadman won, of course, and would continue his legendary WrestleMania streak for five more years. However, according to the man who officiated that match, Marty Elias, it could have been very different, and at one point The Streak was in his hands.

Marty claims that after The Undertaker performed his patented dive over the top rope he came extremely close to counting The Phenom out, which would have brought his streak to a rather anti-climactic end. The dive in question saw Undertaker take an extremely nasty looking bump which ended with him landing on his head. Elias claims that it knocked The Deadman loopy and led to a concussion.


The former WWE official revealed all these details and more during a recent interview on Wrestling Reality with Justin LeBar. Elias told LeBar that he met with both The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels a few days before the match and was told just one thing, that being if Taker doesn't make it back in the ring after that spot to count him out. Marty revealed that it came extremely close, and said, "we didn't make eye contact until eight and a half or nine when I was making that count."

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The repercussions of counting The Phenom out all the way back at WrestleMania 25 would have been incredible. The WWE landscape as we know it now would be very different. CM Punk may have main evented WrestleMania 29 and never left WWE, Brock Lesnar wouldn't have had a streak to break a year after that, and whose yard would Roman Reigns have laid claim to earlier this year?


It's crazy to think that the most legendary streak in WWE history could have come to an end on a count out, and at The Undertaker's say-so no less. Whether Elias is telling the truth or not is up for debate, but it's hard to imagine what he would gain from lying about it aside from a little publicity. With all of that said, you can likely rest assured that had Elias counted to ten that night, WWE would have found some way to reverse the decision and keep The Streak alive.

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