She Knows How To Use 'Em: 15 Steamy Pictures Of Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler may be known as one of the most beautiful WWE Divas fans have ever seen. Keibler was known more so for her good looks, rather than her performance in the ring. Her performance was known more for her stunts rather than her pinning other females. Her career started in 1999, which finished in 2006. Keibler has been seen in some of the eye popping pictures during wild matches in the ring or even during her modeling days.

Stacy Keibler participated in many steamy acts on camera including table dances. Most people never recognized Keibler as anything more than a sexy wrestler that performed other things on stage rather than just fighting. Multiple times, fans have seen Keibler looking better than ever. From off the camera to WrestleMania, Keibler has excited many fans with her stunning looks.

Keibler has been also known her things she has done outside of the WWE including being a NFL cheerleader and being a part owner of a basketball team. However, many fans ignored the other things that Keibler has done because of her beautiful looks. With Keibler gone from the WWE, WWE tries to find their new stunning model. There are many memories though that WWE fans will never forget of Stacy Keibler’s incredible career.

15 Not Afraid To Let Other Wrestlers Touch

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Throughout Keibler’s career, we have seen her get close to many different wrestlers. Many times, Keibler got closer than most would have expected her to. In this picture, Keibler gets close to who she used to date, Scott Steiner. This was one of the few relationships that Keibler saw on camera while being a part of the WWE. Steiner opening up the ropes for his beautiful girlfriend, allowing her in and out of the ring. With a beauty like that, Steiner had to treat her like gold. Keibler loved to come into the ring in a way where her body looks perfect, and in this picture, it looks just that. Keibler always had an interesting way of appearing on camera and making entrances, making sure that all eyes were always on her.

14 Cheeky

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Stacy Keibler was always willing to show off her body in the ring, or while modeling. In this picture, Keibler shows off her body while wearing a white laced thong and a see through black laced bra. She shows her innocence with a cute smile, but with half of her body showing. Keibler seems in charge while grabbing on to her heels laying on the bed. This picture shows more than many of the other pictures that Stacy Keibler has modeled in. Her innocence may even make the picture even more attractive, seeming to be an innocent woman with half of her body out. Many of the pictures that she modeled in like this are the reason why Keibler attracted so many fans. Her modeling pictures were too hard for many fans to resist, which led to much of her popularity.

13 The Backseat

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This photo was taken well before Stacy got to really become a star on the national stage. She was still getting her wrestling career going back in WCW, and would eventually be given the gimmick of Miss Hancock, a secretary. Following WCW's demise in 2001, Stacy was told by officials not to worry, as WWE had already began to show interest in hiring Keibler over. All Vince McMahon needed was one look at Stacy and when he saw those 41 1/2 inch legs, his mind was made up. As for the picture, how could you not enjoy it? Stacy is in the backseat of a car and all that's going through guys' minds is probably that they wish it was their car... Or they wish they were the backseat!

12 All Pink

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Keibler can make anything look good, especially all pink. Wearing a unique black bra and pink panties, with some light but extra layers over it, still is enough for fans to see the beauty of Stacy Keibler. With a blue shining light in front of the latter that sits the background of Keibler, she shines bright with her incredible smile and stunning body on the camera. Many fans probably wish that extra layer was off of Keibler, but she still manages to make her outfit look incredible. Looking tan as ever, she shows her beautiful body with her incredible abs. Keibler managed to always stay extremely fit to prepare for her dances on stage as well as her matches against fellow WWE Divas. Keibler’s smile still kills the inside of many as they find another reason to fall in love with her once again.

11 Still Stunning Fully Clothed

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The most incredible thing about Stacy Keibler, is she has true beauty. Even while she’s fully clothed, many fans remain attracted to her due to her smile and eyes. Many may not know, but Keibler helped out a lot outside of the WWE. It wasn’t all about dance scenes and half naked poses for Keibler, she helped as much as she could outside of the business. Keibler was scene at many events, supporting many things. In this picture, she seems to be at the premiere of something for the History Channel. Looking through some of these pictures, it may not seem that Keibler was necessarily be into the History Channel. However, it seems that she was glad to be there and looked stunning as ever. Keibler can rock anything, even while being fully dressed.

10 Dancing With The Stars

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In the second season of Dancing With The Stars, Stacy Keibler was a contestant with Tony Dovolani. The two were excellent, and managed to come in third place. Keibler was always known for doing lap dances in the WWE, but actually could rock with it on the show. Keibler’s dance moves were fantastic as they were very close to winning the show. She also looked incredible week in and out, no matter what she was wearing. WWE fans had another level of excitement when they found out that Stacy Keibler would be performing on Dancing With The Stars. It was almost like a reunion of the WWE, except they didn’t have to see her wrestling again. While many fans wish she would of won it all, fans were very happy to see her incredible dance skills showed back on national television.

9 Tropical

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With the beautiful tropical weather, it’s the perfect setting for a nice photo shoot of the beautiful Stacy Keibler. There’s nothing better than perfect weather and a beautiful woman, especially Keibler. In this picture, Keibler’s hair seems to have been done differently, maybe for the better. The picture seems relaxing and perfect for a Carribbean island calendar. Keibler looks very relax and enjoying her time in a beautiful spot in paradise. Relaxed on a railing, it’s a great shot for a summer calendar. Keibler modeled in many different areas and for different people, but actually rejected modeling for Playboy multiple times.

With a beautiful body like hers, you would expect her to instantly want to take the opportunity. However, many said that Keibler wanted to be the best she could and be popular without Playboy.

8 Just Laying Down

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What seems to be popular now, Stacy Keibler rocked back in the day. For many girls, body suits are very popular and can look very good. It seems to be coming back in to style as many women are trying to look young and sexy. Some of these body suits are actually made to wear pants over them as they are not supposed to be worn as a body suit. As these items have become very popular, Keibler looked incredible in them back in the day. With a see-through body suit while laying down on what seems to be a couch, she attracts the eyes of many. The body suit seems to be just the perfect amount of see-through that can still be kind of steamy, yet hide her features that she may not want to expose.

7 Kiss Under The Mistletoe

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It seems that every Christmas comes around and everyone is looking for that perfect kiss under the mistletoe. What has become one of the most popular parts of Christmas, has actually been used in many photo shoots. In this photo shoot, Keibler looks for someone to kiss as she’s lonely under the mistletoe. This picture comes as a complete tease as many fans would love to have been in that picture and be the lucky person to be Keibler’s kiss under the mistletoe. WWE Divas were always known for their beautiful Christmas photoshoots, and Keibler never disappointed. Even in a picture where her body is contained, fans get to see the beauty of the former WWE Diva. Many fans could agree and say they would love to get one more Christmas photo shoot from Stacy Keibler.

6 The Beach (Of Course)

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Again, we see the innocent side of Stacy Keibler. However, this time, we see a full view of Keibler rather than a cheeky view. Keibler many times posed in swimsuits, and this picture was actually one of the very first of her time in the wrestling business. The young Keibler stuns with her body in full force and an incredible smile. As she sits softly on the rock by the shore, resting her hands on the edge, she makes many fans happy with her beautiful pictures. This photograph of hers may go down as one of the pictures that got attention from mainstream fans. Pictures like this may help many non-WWE fans recognize who Stacy Keibler was. Keibler manages to stun fans with all different types of pictures.

5 Dream World

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This picture almost seems like you’re seeing someone from a dream. The picture looks as if it’s perfectly dull and happy that it would be in some type of perfect world where everything is right. Unfortunately, it’s not, Keibler just makes this picture look that amazing. In this picture, we see Keibler rocking what looks to be some very comfortable, yet skimpy looking pajamas. Many fans may be looking at this and be happy to finally see what many have wanted, the comfort look of one of the most beautiful professional wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring. Keibler actually showed her derriere off many times in the ring, on television, and while modeling. With an incredible body like that, you might as well be proud of it and make the money while you can being a model. When looking at a pic like this, don't you just wish you could cuddle up next to her?

4 Oscars

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Even after her time of being half naked on television, Stacy Keibler still manages to show perfection at one of the greatest events of the year. While dating George Clooney, Keibler made many appearances at the Oscars. The Oscars are a huge deal, so it’s important that everyone looks the best they can for the millions of pictures that are taken throughout the night. Plus, Clooney probably would have been upset if his date didn’t look incredible. But, this is Stacy Keibler, there is no need to worry about her looking anything short of amazing. Keibler killed it at the Oscars looking absolutely incredible. Keibler wouldn’t let her boyfriend at the time down, as she stole the show being one of the most beautiful attendees of the night.

3 Full Booty Out

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What fountain? You probably missed it, as your focus is likely to be on Keibler here, as she gives the camera a nice smile, as she takes in the refreshing water all over her skin. Stacy has been able to turn heads whether she's dry, wet, on land, at sea, on the red carpet, on the dance floor or in the wrestling ring. Here, she also provides a nice leg extension into the air just in case you forgot what her best assets are. Stacy has settled down in a life away from the spotlight in the last few years, as she's focused more on being a mother these days than searching for more fame in Hollywood. Don't worry, she gave us plenty of material before settling down.

2 WrestleMania XX

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WrestleMania 20 was incredible, and a large part of it was seeing Stacy Keibler on PPV half-naked. In what was a Play Boy Gown Match, Keibler showed off her beautiful body in the ring. What was supposed to be a match up on who was better looking, turned a bit dirty. A fight broke up, which led to things getting ugly. Many fans love their WWE Divas going at it half-naked, but more fans may have rather seen these Divas strut to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, Keibler and Miss Jackie did end up losing in a tag team match to Sable and Torrie Wilson. As beautiful as they are, the better wrestlers took the match on this night. Fans still got to see a great event which turned into a wrestling match with these Divas half-naked.

1 Lingerie Photo Shoot

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Fans may wish that the Stacy Keibler photo shoots never end. Keibler always provided the most amazing poses on cameras for many to purchase. Even if Keibler wasn’t the best wrestler, she will always be known as one of the most beautiful women to ever perform in the WWE. Her beautiful photo shoots in lingerie will never go away, including this incredible picture of her wearing sky blue lingerie. Pictures like these make fans realize how lucky some of these men in the WWE were to have the chance to be able to get with Keibler, and spend a little extra time with her. Keibler in her prime may blow away any Kardashian, and many WWE fans could probably agree with that. Fans will forever miss the seductive poses by Stacy Keibler.

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