Sheamus Has Been Cast in TMNT 2! (Set Photos Included)

Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles have been clamoring to see Rocksteady and Bebop in the newest editions of the TMNT movies. Well, we're finally certain of who will be playing Rocksteady and it's a faimilar face from the WWE Universe. Sheamus confirmed his presence in the movie with this post on Twitter:

Good night with good people in #NYC @GaryAWilliams @brian_tee @mirellytaylor pic.twitter.com/4MbwFYXltX

— Sheamus (@WWESheamus) May 28, 2015

On top of that, the Daily Mail (via Jose Perez at SplashNews) managed to sneak some shots on set and we got out our first glimpse of Sheamus in the movie.

via Jose Perez at SplashNews

Does this mean Sheamus won't pick up the IC belt at Elimination Chamber as he might be busy filming TMNT2? It's an interesting subplot for wrestling fans, as a lot of insiders had deemed him to be a favorite to become champion.

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