Sheamus Thanks Sasha Banks For....His 'Big Booty' [Photo]

Vince McMahon has had a number of pet projects in WWE over the last couple of decades. Ever since Hulk Hogan left the company and started making money for WCW, the chairman has been of the belief that he needs that one top guy to be the face of the company. From Lex Luger to Roman Reigns and a number of Superstars in between.

One of the stars that came a little while before Reigns and his seemingly unending push was Sheamus. You can see why Mr. McMahon fell in love with him too. Not only is he a massive guy with a good look but he's also Irish. The boss himself is of Irish descent and pretty proud of that fact.

While Sheamus has been a World Champion on a number of occasions, he never reached the heights that McMahon likely envisioned for him. As you can see from the photo below though, his time with WWE up until now hasn't exactly been too shabby. The Celtic Warrior recently posted a photo of himself with all the championships he has won in WWE on Instagram, crediting hard work for all of his success.

For some reason Sheamus chose to wear nothing but underwear for the photo he posted on Instagram and in the caption he had someone else to thank aside from himself and all the hard work he has put in. That extra credit went to Sasha Banks who he thanked for his 'big booty'. What he means by that we're not entirely sure of. Perhaps he and The Boss work out together and Banks pointed him in the direction of a particular way to do squats. We hope it's that innocent anyway.



You may have noticed that there is one title in particular missing from this picture, the Intercontinental Championship. That hasn't gone unnoticed by Sheamus either. In a similar post the Irishman pointed out the missing title and said that if he wins that one last championship he will have surpassed the Grand Slam and completed a full house. His current place on the card will have to change for him to accomplish that though.

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