Sheamus Sets A World Record....While Naked [Video]

Sheamus made it into the record books on New Year's Day and it is definitely not for the reasons you might think.

Sheamus is one of those WWE Superstars that most fans aren't going to know what they had until he's gone. The Celtic Warrior may currently be filling a slot alongside Cesaro on the Raw tag team scene, but for the better part of a decade the Irishman has occupied a top spot in WWE, becoming a four-time World Champion in the process along with a litany of other titles.


Although Vince McMahon has attempted to make him the very top guy on a couple of occasions along the way, Sheamus has never been that number one Superstar, just always there or thereabouts. It's likely why he's so undervalued and underappreciated by the majority of the WWE Universe. Well perhaps the latest title Sheamus now has to his name will make people take notice.

Actually, it probably won't. It is a pretty funny accolade to have though. The four-time World Champion was in Toronto on New Year's Day and wanted to make a little history before flying down to Miami for Raw. He decided to do that by attempting to break the record for most time performing naked snow angels. The time to beat was 33 seconds and Sheamus managed a cool 40, pun very much intended.

Stripping down to your birthday suit and rolling around in the snow is no mean feat, especially when the temperature in Toronto at the time was reportedly -8 degrees Celsius, or 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Sheamus looked to break the record without much problem at all though, a record apparently held for decades before the Dublin native broke it by somebody named Toxeth O' Grady.


While Sheamus' new world record is very impressive, he probably won't want Vince McMahon catching wind of it or seeing the footage. It's exactly this kind of thing that the chairman would likely find hilarious and want to turn into some sort of terrible gimmick. If someone does show it to McMahon then Sheamus could wind up becoming 2018's answer to Naked Mideon on Raw every Monday night.

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Sheamus Sets A World Record....While Naked [Video]