Sheamus Explains His Role In WWE Signing Becky Lynch

WWE star Sheamus has opened up on his role in WWE hiring female phenomenon Becky Lynch.

The Irish superstar has been riding a wave of success as a wrestler and is now a household name. Sheamus refuses to take credit for Becky's rise to the top but, in an interview with the Express, he revealed having provided her with the right connections.

“I actually talked to Becky, I had a conversation before her tryout,” he explained. “I think I got her in touch with whoever it was, I got her in touch with the right people. I just made a connection, she did it all herself. Sometimes things can get misconstrued or whatever, like I got her in WWE … That’s not true at all, but I gave her the information and passed it on until she got the opportunity. She did it, she took it.”

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Sheamus credits Becky for using somewhat unconventional methods for building the product fans have come to love.

“When that Becky Lynch revolution started, the whole ‘The Man’ thing, that was just her,” he said. “They weren’t doing anything with her but on Twitter, on social media, she just vented, she said what she wanted to say and it just started picking up steam.”

The 41-year-old says his compatriot is a really good friend and they trade advice every now and then.

“She’s a really good friend of mine and we’ve always had conversations; she asks me advice, I ask her sometimes. I think it’s phenomenal, I think it’s well-deserved, I think she’s very, very smart [and] a very intelligent person," he continued. "She knows exactly what she’s doing and she can back it up in the ring, so she deserves everything she gets."

So The Man Was Becky's Idea Eh?

It's great that Sheamus isn't looking to take credit for Becky's career but he might have just made her a target for Ric Flair.

So far, Flair's issues have been with WWE but now that Sheamus has revealed that The Man was all Becky's idea, who knows?

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