Shelton Benjamin Returns To SmackDown Live

Shelton Benjamin returned to WWE this week, being introduced by Daniel Bryan as a new tag team partner for Chad Gable.

During a back stage segment on SmackDown Live this week, Chad Gable was complaining to the Tuesday night show's General Manager, Daniel Bryan. Gable spoke of how since Kurt Angle revealed Jason Jordan to be his long lost son, it's all anybody after asks Chad about. Well, Bryan had an idea to change that, telling the former Olympian that he had a new signing to the blue brand that could take Jordan's place.

Gable and Jordan certainly made quite a formidable pairing, having won the NXT and SmackDown Tag Team Championships during their time together. With that in mind, it was going to take someone pretty formidable to fill the Jordan shaped hole in Chad's life, plus someone newsworthy enough to put the spot light back on Gable. Well, consider both those boxes successfully checked off as Bryan brought Gable's new tag partner into his office to introduce the two, and it was former Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.


Gable was understandably pretty pleased with his new partner and could barely contain his excitement. The GM revealed to SmackDown Live's newest team that they would be able to test the waters on how well they work together on next week's show. Gable then left and Bryan officially welcomed Benjamin back to WWE.

Shelton Benjamin wasn't the only shock signing made on SmackDown Live this week. Just moments before the former member of Team Angle was revealed by the GM Bobby Roode made long awaited and glorious debut, defeating Aiden English. Which Superstar the fans were more excited to see is up for debate but with both happening on the same night, it was certainly an impressive evening for SmackDown Live.



Although it's all within the realms of work and story line, it's hard to imagine that Chad Gable isn't at least a little legitimately peeved at the attention Jason Jordan has been getting as of late. One minute he was tagging with Angle's story line son and the next he's left treading water. Now Gable has some news of his own, and you would have to imagine that the team of he and Shelton Benjamin will be a force to be reckoned with on Tuesday nights.

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