10 Best Wrestlers Managed By Sherri Martel, Ranked

One of the unsung greats in wrestling is The Sensational Sherri. She was a wrestler’s wrestler during a time where the women were seldom used. The Sensational Queen however, wasn’t just always used - she was always booked in a prominent spot. Scary Sherri was always either with main eventers (like Ted DiBiase) or up and comers (like Shawn Michaels).

One thing’s for sure when you were put with Sister Sherri, your stock immediately rose, and you were in for a wild and unpredictable run with the Hall Of Famer and former 2x WWE and 3x AWA Women’s champion. Here are the 10 Best Wrestlers Managed By Sherri Martel, Ranked.

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10 Sting

Alright so, Sherri was a born and raised heel and it might have been painfully obvious that she was going to turn on the Stinger, just about everyone did in this era - why would Sensuous Sherri be any different?

Prior to Clash XVII, she hadn’t exactly made her intentions known other than she was looking for a man to bring her the WCW World Title. She arrived for the title unification match between Ric Flair and Sting in Stinger face paint. But their partnership was just for this match, but Sherri with the paint was a picture for the ages.

9 Shawn Michaels

When Marty Jannetty dove through the window of the Barber Shop to try and escape Shawn Michaels’ wrath; the message was clear, Shawn was headed straight for the top. He was put with Sherri and the Heartbreak Kid was born.

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She has forever been immortalized since she’s the girl singing HBK’s theme song. As Shawn’s manager, Sherri would dress like a groupie and hold up comically large mirrors for Shawn to gaze at himself with.

8 Ted DiBiase

As a character, the Sensational Sherri knew how to always have another managerial client lined up only helped fuel how tough-as-nails she was. In the very same night that the Macho King lost his career, Sherri also had lost her meal ticket and was no longer the Queen.

At least for a few matches during WrestleMania VII. She showed up later in the night at the side of Ted DiBiase for his match against Virgil. The pair stayed together until early the next year.

7 Marty Jannetty

One of the more memorable moments of Shawn Michael’s heel turn was when Marty Jannetty came back to surprise the Heartbreak Kid. He showed up out of nowhere and in the reflection of Shawn’s mirror. When Jannetty tried to exact revenge, Sherri got caught in the crossfire. Was it Shawn who looked after Sherri during this time and helping her recover? Not one bit, (he’s a heel!) that would be Marty.

As the two finally met at the 1993 Royal Rumble, Sherri would be in Marty Jannetty’s corner, where she stayed until Jannetty did what he did best, find himself on the unemployment line.

6 Pretty Boy Doug Somers And Playboy Buddy Rose

Sherri is of course most known for her time in WWE and WCW, but like many superstars of the late eighties and early nineties, she too got her start with Verne Gagne and the AWA.

There, she got to know a lot about her future charges, Shawn and Marty but on the other side of the ring - she managed their bitter rivals and AWA Tag Team Champions, Pretty Boy Doug Somers and Playboy Buddy Rose.

5 The Honky Tonk Man

Considering he was always palling around with the Colonel Jimmy Hart, it might be hard for younger fans to realize that the Sensational Sherri also helped manage the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

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During this time, ol’ Honky was dating Peggy Sue, a pretty blond in a poodle skirt annoying all of Honky’s opponents. Underneath the wig and giant Jackie-O glasses, none other than the Hall Of Famer, Sherri herself!

4 Shane Douglas

In a strange bit of inter-promotional feuding, Sherri wound up in ECW and was managing the Franchise Shane Douglas. Sherri helped Douglas in his three-way altercation with Sabu and Terry Funk over the ECW title, and for some of his run as champion in 1994.

But the most notorious moment in her ECW run was the eventual double-cross, where she revealed to be working with Ric Flair the whole time. She wound up getting a piledriver for her troubles.

3 Ric Flair

Sherri Martel eventually made her way to WCW looking for a client to bring her the WCW World Championship. After double–crossing the Stinger, it was apparent that the man she was looking for was The Man – the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Before Ric was surrounding himself with all sorts ladies (Miss Elizabeth, Woman, Debra), he had Sherri.

After helping ‘Naitch unify the WCW and International World Titles, Sherri continued to help secure several victories for the Nature Boy before the pair fell victim to Hulkamania. Their partnership also led to some wild backstage stories that led to pictures like this one.

2 Harlem Heat

How versatile is the former five-time women’s champion? After her run with Flair, she took on the greatest tag team in WCW as her clients - the Harlem Heat. Now, as Sister Sherri, she helped lead the team to their first of many tag team title reigns.

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She also embarked on a strange feud/love story with Colonel Robert Parker, which saw the Colonel leave his own Stud Stable to be with Sherri and help manage the Heat.

1 Macho Man

After he lost the WWE title at WrestleMania V, he went completely berserk, and Sherri went right over the edge with him. During their run, he was eventually crowned the Macho King with Sherri as his Queen. Their reign of terror lasted nearly two years and delivered some of the craziest promos and matches of the time. Prior to the SunmerSlam 89 Main Event, the duo, along with Zeus delivered the completely insane “Cauldron” promo.

The King and Queen also delivered in the first ever mixed tag match against Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire. Sherri’s strangest promo ever also came during this time. At the 1991 Royal Rumble, she did all she could to try and seduce the Ultimate Warrior into giving her king a title shot.

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