She's Not Like Most Girls: 15 Steamy Photos You Wouldn’t Expect From Nia Jax

Nia's "not like most girls" by managing to stand out as one of the most beautiful women on the rosters while laying a path of destruction.

Nia Jax has been a force to be reckoned with ever since she joined WWE, and has proved how she's "not like most girls" by managing to stand out as one of the most beautiful women on the rosters while laying a path of destruction. Jax actually joined the WWE quite late into her life, as some may not know that she was actually a professional plus-size model prior to joining professional wrestling, even though some of her features hint at that.

Jax may be "different" than the other women in WWE because of how bigger she is from the rest of the female competitors, but nobody can deny her gorgeousness which manages to stand out quite often. She has been criticized and body-shamed by many because of her big figure, but that doesn't take away the fact that Jax is actually quite an attractive lady. The former model doesn't let the body-shaming get to her and proves how she is an ex-model by looking absolutely stunning at times.

While the fans may not recognize Nia as a "sexy diva" because of how WWE builds her more of a monster heel, but her pictures outside WWE prove something else. There are some really steamy pictures which one wouldn't expect from Jax, so let's take a look at some of them!



Nia Jax may not wear any provocative clothing like her colleagues in the WWE because of the company wanting her to stay as this destructive heel, but she is definitely noticed by the right people who want to book her photo-shoots when she's free from work from the WWE. Being an ex-professional model, Jax definitely knows how to handle herself in this photo-shoot and loves to wear black, which suits her quite perfectly as well. This picture shows a rather steamy version of Jax, who is looking absolutely stunning in this black dress which suits her really well. Jax's powerful personality and beautiful looks are shining out in this gorgeous picture, which proves just how good Nia is at handling herself in photo-shoot and how she makes sure that they capture her exquisite looks perfectly.


Even beasts like to get glammed ✨💄💋 Hair & Makeup by @adamlesimmons

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Nia Jax is definitely one of the most beautiful women in the WWE right now, and even though the company doesn't really want to push her "beauty" side, she does prove time and time again about just how dazzling she can look. Nia is a really active woman on Instagram and like her peers, she also loves to upload pictures of herself for her fans to see. She posts some rather amazing pictures of herself, but this one shows just how terrific her facial features manage to stand out from the rest. Jax's facial features are amazingly stunning, from her striking eyes to her beautiful appearance, and is enough to make one fall for her looks. This steamy picture shows a side of Nia which probably can't be seen on WWE TV, as this shows just how gorgeous she really is.



She might be one of the most beautiful women in the WWE right now, but Nia Jax has had to go through a lot of body-shaming ever since becoming a prominent figure in the company. She has herself spoken about how she's body-shamed by fans and colleagues as well, just because she's bigger than most of the other ladies. But Nia surprised many when she posted this picture of herself in a swimsuit on social media, where she wrote about how proud she is off her figure and will not let the hate get to her. This inspired many, and people wrote about actually how attractive Nia looks in a swimsuit costume. She actually looks really hot in this picture, which shows off her "assets" and shows off her plus-size figure perfectly, proving how she should be nothing but proud of her stunning appearance.



While Nia Jax may get body-shamed for being a big woman nowadays, she shouldn't let it get to her because she's a really gorgeous woman regardless of how bigger she might be than the other women in WWE. Jax looked pretty different back when she tried her hand as a professional model many years ago, and it's almost impossible to distinguish the Nia from back then to the one right now. This steamy picture shows Jax as a lingerie model, and she's looking smoking-hot in this picture. We get a rather different look at Nia from a few years back, with this picture showing how sexy she looked back then with her "assets" and amazing plus-size figure shining out in this one. Nia posed for many magazines and others during her time as a model, with this steamy picture proving how good she was at it too.



The trend of "selfies" have caught up with the women of WWE recently, as we see almost every female wrestler posting a selfie to flaunt their looks to the fans. Nia Jax has also caught up to this trend and loves to takes selfies, especially with her good friend Alexa Bliss, as the two are often seen posting selfies together on social media. But apart from that, Nia also takes some gorgeous solo-selfies of herself which display just how stunning she really is. This steamy picture shows a rather revealing selfie of Nia, who not only shows her natural looks but also give us a peek at her "assets" in this picture. She's looking pretty hot in this amazing selfie, which shows just how good Nia can look in her solo-selfies and how her exquisite features shine out in them.



Nia decided to start her professional wrestling career a few years back, when she got inspired by watching her cousin The Rock perform at Wrestlemania 28. She joined up with WWE NXT in 2014 but had to undergo a lot of wrestling training before she could make it to NXT TV. Nia was also quite active in posting pictures of herself back during her early NXT days when she posted this dazzling picture of herself in a performance center T-shirt. Nia seems to have pulled off this different look to herself with curly hair really well, with this gorgeous picture of herself proving just how amazing she can pull off different look at herself. She might not have gotten the "glamor" of WWE back then, but she still looks gorgeous, proving how naturally beautiful she really is.



Nia Jax's career as a professional model probably didn't go as well as she'd have hoped it to go, but she did learn some valuable lessons from it and made for some stunning photo-shoots during that time as well. We've already seen just how amazing Nia looked in most of her photo-shoots as a model, but there are even better ones out there, with this steamy picture of her photo-shoot proves just how terrific she used to look during her modeling days. Nia is looking amazing in this picture of her posing near the beach in a green bikini, with her terrific figure shining out. Her amazing "assets" can be perfectly seen in this sizzling picture, which proves how much of a sexy lady and photogenic model she was back in the day.



Black seems to be Nia Jax's favorite color because of how she loves to flaunt her black dressed and also manages to look the hottest in that particular color. She seems to be in love with the color and has done numerous photo-shoots of her wearing black dresses, which seem to suit her perfectly. She definitely looks her sexiest in some of her black costumes, and this steamy picture gives further proof to that because of how smoking-hot Nia is looking in this picture. Jax terrific figure can be seen really well in this picture, with this costume also helping to show her "assets" and how much of an amazing "plus-size" figure she really has. One can understand why Nia loves wearing black because they match her really well and this particular costume is making her looking surprisingly sexy and proving how gorgeous she is.


Nia Jax was recently added to the cast of the WWE reality TV show Total Divas, where she and her good friend Alexa Bliss are expected to be regulars for this season. While Jax doesn't really show anything "diva-like" in the WWE ring because of her monster heel character, but she's definitely quite the dazzling diva in real life where she loves to have fun. So Jax was understandably quite excited prior to the season premiere of Total Divas when she decided to hype up the show and posted this steamy picture of herself in the photo-shoots for the series. Nia seems to be in love with black, with short dress and jacket combination showing the sexier side to herself. Nia looks pretty hot in this stunning photo-shoot of herself, which proves that she can look like a "diva" whenever she wants to.


A lady in the streets....but a BEAST in the ring 💋😈💃🏽#NotLikeMost

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Nia Jax's mantra in the WWE is that she's "not like most girls" and is definitely a much more powerful athlete than any other woman in the company right now. Jax loves to portray that mantra through her character, which is a beautiful yet dangerous one in WWE, who mostly like to push her due to her intimidating looks. While she might be a scary woman to face in the ring, Nia continues showing her beauty in pictures of her in photo-shoot. This dazzling picture of her shows her wearing a rather revealing black dress, which shows her "assets" and stunning plus-size figure amazingly well. Jax proves how sexy she can be when she wants to in this steamy picture, which shows a side of her not many WWE fans have seen and will be surprised to realize just how stunning she is.


Even though Nia Jax's in-ring attire may be restricted because of WWE wanting her to look like a "monster heel" in their women's division, she has a really impressive fashion sense in real life and often flaunts some amazing dresses on social media. Jax often loves to treat her fans with dazzling pictures of her before shows, and she posted this steamy picture of herself before an episode of Monday Night Raw at Brooklyn, New York a few months ago. Nia seems to be pulling off this costume really well and looks pretty hot wearing it as well, with the costume showing her sexy figure really well too. Nia's "assets" and terrific shape is perfectly shown in this picture and one can see how steamy she can look in this attractive dress which suits her really well.


Ever since her main roster debut, Nia Jax has been pretty active on Instagram, and the social media platform is somewhere where she gets to break kayfabe and show her true self to the fans. She is quite regular in posting pictures nowadays on Instagram, where she has posted some really stunning pictures of herself over the past few months. One picture which was especially dazzling was this stunning one, which is quite the perfect selfie for Nia. Her eyes are absolutely shining out in this picture, proving how her striking eyes are probably the best feature in her appearance. Nia's terrific facial features are really shining out in this picture, which proves why WWE is so intent on showing the beauty of her eyes during Nia's entrance, with this fabulous picture showing just how alluring her eyes are.



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Nia Jax has gone through a stunning make-over in the WWE recently, where she's brandishing a new look at herself in the past few months. Jax has been pulling off her new hair-style, which shows her having big pigtails to make her look sexier for the screen. Nia only recently started getting those pigtails and decided to show off her new hairstyle to her fans on Instagram as well. This steamy picture of Nia shows her showing off her new pigtails, and in turn, also shows just how smoking hot she is. Nia is revealing quite a lot in this picture, which also teases her "assets" through her dress and shows how attractive her new hairstyle is making her look. Jax was never really promoted as a "Sexy diva", but this new make-over might just make fans realize how gorgeous Nia really is.


Now we've already seen how beautiful Nia Jax was back in her modeling days, and how she was part of some really stunning photo-shoots as well. Jax has gotten even better in photo-shoots with experience, and she hasn't forgotten her career as a model now that she's now a successful WWE star. In fact, she actually posted a throwback to her first ever photo-shoot as a model on her Instagram, with this picture showing just how different she used to look back then. Nia looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture, which proves how good-looking she's been for quite some-time now. She used to look pretty amazing back then as well with her curly hair and beautiful appearance, and many will be surprised to see this stunning version of Nia, who proves how attractive she's been for a long time now.


Nia Jax may not get the chance to show off her sexy figure in the WWE, who want her to remain as this "monster heel" rather than looking like a diva, but she definitely loves flaunting her beautiful appearance in her social media account. Jax is often posting some really steamy images of herself on Instagram, but the one which really stood out recently was this one which saw her showing off her new clothes. Nia's looking quite sexy in this picture, with her "new clothes" helping to flaunt her "assets" as well. She's also let her pigtails down in this dazzling picture, which proves that Nia can definitely look "like a diva" if she wears similar, short clothes as some of the other WWE women and look pretty hot in them as well.

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