Shield Reunion Backstage Update

It's been a few weeks since Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose patched things up in their relationship enough to team together and fight for the Raw Tag Team Championships. Despite a wicked history and some potentially unforgivable decisions in the past, the duo won the titles and have been a nearly unstoppable force since.

That said, the trio of the Shield is missing one very key ingredient—Roman Reigns. No Shield reunion would be complete without the "Big Dog" and until this past episode of Raw, it didn't look like that was a real possibility. Reigns was tied up in a feud with John Cena, and a clear loser in the fans eyes. It wouldn't have made sense to bring him back into the fold. But, with Cena now gone, and Reigns left to defend himself alone against an onslaught by The Miztourage, things may have changed.

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Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that the WWE is, in fact,  planning on reuniting the Shield. It will consist of all three original members and it will be in an attempt to turn Roman Reigns full babyface as he takes over the lead spot John Cena once held.

The website is also reporting the team will reunite at TLC, but it's not clear if they will face off against The Miztourage. It's hard to imagine another scenario that makes sense, but perhaps the WWE has something bigger planned and the team will stick together for some time.

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What we do know is that snippets of this idea will start to come together as early as this coming episode of Raw. After receiving the beat down he did, Reigns clearly needs a hand overcoming The Miztourage. How eager will Rollins and Ambrose be to help? That's the million dollar question.

Considering a number of big draw names are away from the red brand, Raw could use an idea that might draw in some viewers. A Shield reunion might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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