Shinsuke Nakamura Suffers His First Pinfall Loss On The Main Roster

Shinsuke Nakamura was beaten via pinfall for the first time since making the move from NXT to SmackDown Live at a house show on Sunday night.

The SmackDown Live roster headed north to Canada last weekend, visiting Vancouver on Saturday and Everett on Sunday. It was during the latter of the two that Shinsuke Nakamura suffered his first pinfall loss since joining the main roster, and it was at the hands of Jinder Mahal. The King Of Strong Style went up against the WWE Champion in Sunday night's main event and thanks to a lot of interference from the Singh Brothers, it was the Modern Day Maharajah who emerged victorious.

Shinsuke has been pretty dominant since arriving on SmackDown Live, and at first it looked like he would continue that dominance during his house show match against Jinder. The former two time NXT Champion connected with his signature Kinshasa on Mahal, and just as he was lining up for another Sunil and Samir got involved in the match up once more. While Nakamura was distracted, Jinder saw his chance to capitalize and hit his opponent with his own finishing manoeuvre, the Khallas.


According to Wrestle Zone Nakamura was actually supposed to compete in Vancouver the night before but couldn't make it to the show due to problems at the US/Canadian border. It's a shame for Shinsuke as Vancouver is actually Jinder's real home town, and we all know what happens to WWE Superstars competing in front of a home town crowd. In Everett the following evening however it was seemingly never going to be the Japanese star's night.

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The pinfall loss to Mahal may be Nakamura's first on SmackDown Live, but it's not his inaugural defeat in WWE as a whole. During his time in NXT, Shinsuke was involved in a lengthy feud with Samoa Joe, a rivalry that saw The Artist come out on the losing end more than once. This time last year though it would have been hard to imagine that the charismatic star's first loss on the main roster would come at the hands of Jinder Mahal whose push to the moon has pretty much come out of nowhere.


For all you die hard Shinsuke Nakamura fans, do not despair. It was only a house show loss after all. On Tuesday nights Nakamura and Mahal are currently being kept completely separate, and if a televised loss is on the cards for Shinsuke sometime soon it certainly doesn't look like it'll be at the hands of the champ. For the time being Jinder's future seems to still be very Randy Orton focussed while WWE continues to tease that Nakamura and AJ Styles' paths may cross sooner rather than later.

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