Shots Fired: 15 Biggest Shots Taken At Wrestlers In Shoot Interviews

Wrestling fans like to discuss moments when the lines between reality and fiction are blurred. One of the best recent examples of that was during an August episode of Talking Smack when The Miz called out Daniel Bryan after being called a “coward.” Some fans automatically called this a shoot interview on the WWE Network.

While it wasn’t scripted and it did give us some insight into real-life thoughts, it technically wasn’t what many would call a shoot interview. The thing about shoot interviews is that they can often get personal, kind of like the Bryan-Miz segment. But imagine things getting more personal than that.

Over the years, wrestlers have done sit down interviews away from any wrestling ring or promoter. It’s just them sitting in front of a camera with someone asking questions. Fans get a chance to learn about real-life issues between wrestlers. Shoot interviews can reveal a lot of dirty laundry about wrestlers’ personal lives.

This can include nuggets like drug addictions, sexual escapades, backstage fights and difference of opinion that led to personality conflicts. Many of these end up becoming the fuel for the expletive-laced shoots we listen to or read about online. It seems like the only reason why wrestling fans want to listen to shoot interviews is to hear who hates who and the reasons why.

They feature superstars that range from main event superstars to lower-tier wrestlers that a majority of fans may need to do a search on. The following is a list of the 15 biggest shots that have been taken towards wrestling stars within shoot interviews.

15 Sunny’s First Impression of Sable


Tammy Sytch was once viewed as the hottest female in the WWE during the 1990s as Sunny. That was before Sable was hired by the WWE; becoming one of the biggest female icons during the WWE’s Attitude Era. While Sunny said that professional wrestling was a business about competition, she apparently never liked Sable for reasons beyond just the competition. It was based on a discussion backstage about Sable’s first husband.

14 Ahmed Johnson’s Heat With Road Warrior Animal


When Ahmed Johnson did a shoot interview in 2006, he apparently wasn’t aware of any heat between him and Road Warrior Animal. But during the interview, the heat escalated quicker than the battle of news teams in the movie Anchorman. Johnson was asked about how Animal claimed that Johnson had stolen his spikes at one point behind the scenes. A few moments later, Johnson would state that if Animal had heat with him, “then f*** him.”

13 Batista Blames John Cena for “Killing” Hardcore Wrestling


During the late 1990s, the WWE was an entirely different beast than the wrestling fans watch today. Back then, RAW and SmackDown were rated TV-14 with a focus on edgy, hardcore wrestling. Things like chair shots to the head and blood pouring from wrestlers’ heads were some of the main attractors to the product approximately 20 years ago. But in the past decade, the WWE made a shift to TV-PG.

12 Axl Rotten Calls John Zandig a “Glorified Backyard Wrestler”


Apparently, Axl Rotten was not a big fan of John Zandig’s work. But he didn’t really go public with his comments until after Zandig took shots at the Extreme Championship Wrestling original. It all started during a 2014 interview when Zandig called Rotten a number of insulting things that included the words “fat” and “pathetic.” We’re sugarcoating it by not including some of the expletives.

11 Honky Tonk Man Calls Out Hulk Hogan


The Honky Tonk Man did an interview with RF Video back in 2011 where he seemed to let off a little bit of steam. One of his main targets was TNA Wrestling. Honky Tonk Man was invited to do a special question-and-answer segment with Hogan and other wrestlers that were doing well for a period of time. But radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge wasn’t happy with Honky Tonk Man being on the tour, which led to him being cut by Hogan.

10 Iron Sheik Says Verne Gagne Offered Bounty on Hulk Hogan


It’s safe to say that The Iron Sheik has been plenty critical of a number of other professional wrestling stars who he worked with. He’s called Hulk Hogan a “jabroni” more times than one could count, along with more expletives than an episode of South Park. Back during a time when the WWE was building themselves as a wrestling giant, the Iron Sheik was planned to drop the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Hogan in 1984.

9 Chyna Talks Says Triple H Assaulted Her


Long before Triple H would marry Stephanie McMahon, have children, and gain the backstage power that came with it, he was in a serious relationship with Chyna. The two were part of the original D-Generation X faction and had a personal relationship during Triple H’s career. However, Chyna revealed in multiple shoot interviews about how things went south between them.

In an interview with Vince Russo, Chyna explained that Triple H tried to get Chyna to leave the relationship first so that he could date Stephanie McMahon. But Chyna would also claim that Triple H assaulted her and hit her. It was quite the accusation to make.

8 Kevin Nash Critical of Smaller Wrestlers


Kevin Nash has gone through a lot in professional wrestling. From the failed gimmicks in WCW to becoming Diesel, back to WCW to form New World Order and then stints with WWE and TNA Wrestling. Nash has shared a number of memorable stories that gave fans interesting tales from behind the scenes. However, Nash has also said things that didn’t go over well with the members of the internet wrestling community.

7 CM Punk Claims Ryback Purposefully Injured Him


When CM Punk went on the Art of Wrestling podcast with his friend Colt Cabana, Punk said a lot of things that stood out in the wrestling community. Aside from his criticisms of the WWE’s medical staff and how he was tired of backstage politics, he may have reserved the worst words for fellow WWE superstar Ryback. The two had a feud for the WWE Championship from late 2012 to early 2013.

6 Ryback Says CM Punk Made Excuses


Did you expect that the things CM Punk would go unnoticed? Ryback was able to go on the record in an interview with The Franchise 107.7 FM in Oklahoma City, Okla. In response to how Punk was critical of Ryback and calling the “Big Guy” unsafe in the ring, Ryback would denounce those comments. Ryback added that Punk never said anything about their matches to him and instead chose to talk negative behind his back.

5 Bret Hart Claims Triple H Isn’t Great


Considering he is known as “the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be,” Bret “The Hitman” Hart might be considered a good judge of quality wrestling. During a 2013 interview with Wrestle Talk TV, he said positive things for superstars like CM Punk and Rey Mysterio. But then he changes the subject to Triple H and asks “what has he done? What moves did he create that we never saw before?”

4 Jim Cornette Calls Shawn Michaels Unprofessional


Jim Cornette can often be compared to an older neighbor who yells at the kids down the street to get off of his lawn. During a 2010 YouShoot interview, he blamed Shawn Michaels for having a negative impact on Vader’s run in the WWE during the mid 1990s. Vader was a big star who had success in WCW and also in Japan. However, Cornette said that Michaels had some control in matches at the time.

3 Scott Hall Calls Goldberg a “Mark”

AP Photo/Erik S. Lesser

Goldberg was certainly one of the biggest stars in WCW during the Monday Night War. However, Scott Hall had the opinion that he wouldn’t have gotten over without the beneficial booking he received in WCW. While he admitted that Goldberg was a talented athlete, Hall said in a 2016 YouShoot interview that Goldberg was over due to the winning streak and being built as someone who rarely lost. The former Outsider continued to claim Goldberg was overrated.

2 Kevin Nash Accuses The Rock of Being Homosexual


It was previously established that Kevin Nash has been known to take shots at other wrestlers that aren’t widely accepted. While the “vanilla midget” nickname was thrown at popular wrestlers like Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, Nash might have topped that during a 2013 shoot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries. During a segment, Nash claimed that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was homosexual.

1 The Ultimate Warrior Takes Shots At Hulk Hogan


There were a number of wrestling legends who were not fans of Hulk Hogan behind the scenes. But one of the more iconic names to take shots at the man leading Hulkamania was The Ultimate Warrior in 2011. It was all part of a YouTube video he posted online that was nearly an hour long with the title “Karma is coming to collect.” Warrior didn’t hold back as he would claim Hogan was addicted to cocaine who distributed drugs to other wrestlers.

Warrior also claimed that Hogan and his ex-wife Linda had an open marriage. On top of that, Warrior also claimed Hogan would let other wrestlers have relations with his wife. There were a lot more included in the shoot, including criticism relating to Hogan’s children and how Hogan failed his son and daughter.

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Shots Fired: 15 Biggest Shots Taken At Wrestlers In Shoot Interviews