Sycho Sid Blasts Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura

Former WWE Superstar Sid Vicious was not exactly known as the WWE's most skilled wrestler. Vicious (known in WWE as Sycho Sid) was more an attraction than a competent in-ring performer, but as a veteran of many of WWE's and WCW's biggest shows, felt himself to be an expert in the area of WWE talent that has the "it" factor.

When asked by Hannibal TV, he provided his thoughts on some of the current stars in WWE. In particular, Sid used two of the WWE's most popular and controversial stars to prove his point.

According to Sid, when he was in the WWE, there were two times he realized how good and bad business was for the company. On one occasion, he left when things were hot and WWE Superstars were some of the biggest names ever in the business. When he returned, names that were there weren't drawing for the company.

Sid said, "I came back as Sycho Sid and I was looking at people like Rex King and Steve Doll and I’m going: ‘Hold on, I know these guys and they’re not money people, what’s going on?’ When I got there, I saw business was that bad." After telling this story, he compared that feeling to watching current WWE Superstar Kevin Owens.

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Widely regarded as one of the WWE's most talented in-ring wrestlers, there isn't a night that Owens isn't putting on high-quality matches and giving some of the WWE's best promos on television. But, Owens does not have the typical "WWE" look. He's not muscular, he's not thin or ripped and he's not tall like Sid. He's almost the opposite of what Vince McMahon and the WWE traditionally look for.

"I hate saying it, but I see people like Kevin Owens and this Yakamora guy and these other people like this," says Sid. "When I see that, I’m going, ‘Business has gotta be bad or they’re at a point where they don’t care’, that’s all I know." In Nakamura's case, one has to assume Sid is referring to both his look and inability to deliver a promo thanks to the language barrier.

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Sid further went on to say that Roman Reigns is light-years ahead of both Nakamura and Owens and if the WWE is not pushing Reigns and instead pushing "The King of Strong Style", business is in a bad place. Reigns is big, he's strong, cuts a decent promo and can wrestle — or at least that's Sid's argument.

There are going to be many old school fans who might agree with Sid on this one. Guys like Reigns have long been the staple of WWE television. But, Triple H is one of the motivating forces behind the WWE's new foray into different wrestling styles. Nakamura and Owens are personal favorites of Triple H's, and that is a sign that things are going a different direction. Sid better get used to seeing guys like Owens and Nakamura. They are the future of the WWE.

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