Sin Cara Sneaker Deal To Blame For Baron Corbin's Losing Streak

Sin Cara has now gone three straight weeks without losing to Baron Corbin, but why is the luchador getting this unannounced push all of a sudden?

Baron Corbin didn't have the greatest summer on SmackDown Live. After winning the Money In The Bank ladder match, things started to go downhill for The Lone Wolf. He became one of only three Superstars to lose his contract cash-in match after failing to beat Jinder Mahal, then lost convincingly to John Cena at SummerSlam.

Apparently, some misplaced comments on Twitter and to a doctor backstage had landed Corbin in hot water. Then, at Hell In A Cell last month, Corbin's luck took a turn for the better. The former NXT Superstar overcame AJ Styles and Tye Dillinger to become United States Champion, his first title in WWE. For the past few weeks though, Corbin's luck seems to have taken a turn for the worse again.


For three weeks in a row now, Corbin has failed to beat Sin Cara. He lost the first encounter by count out, then a week later by disqualification, and this week their bout ended in a double count out. The rivalry and the losses have come pretty much out of nowhere, but why does WWE feel the need to push Sin Cara all of a sudden?

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Well according to PWInsider the reasoning is quite simple. Sin Cara recently re-signed with WWE, and the contract he's signed is a multi year one. Clearly, the Lucha Dragon's loyalty is being rewarded by a run of matches with the US Champion. Sin Cara also had his own line of custom sneakers released, his sudden appearance on SmackDown Live every week likely has something to do with increasing the sales of those also.


While it's nice to see Sin Cara not only getting some screen time but also actually winning matches against a credible opponent, it's hard to see this rivalry lasting much longer. Baron's next big match will be against Raw's Intercontinental Champion The Miz, and being on separate shows Corbin needs a part time opponent to tide him over on SmackDown Live. That's where Sin Cara comes in. The luchador will likely get a shot at The Lone Wolf's US Championship, but chances are he won't be successful in his quest.

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