Singh Brothers Say They 'Let Down' Jinder Mahal

After spending five months as the right hand men to Jinder Mahal, The Singh Brothers were attacked by the Modern Day Maharajah after failing to defeat AJ Styles in a match. That occurred on the Nov. 28 episode of SmackDown Live, and the Singh Brothers were absent from this week's episode.

Ever since Mahal betrayed his sidekicks, many have wondered what the future holds for the Singh Brothers. The latest rumors suggest WWE is not releasing them, but they're exploring options on what to do next with the Burnaby, B.C. natives.

The Singh Brothers recently did an interview with Sportskeeda, and talked about what it was like to get attacked by Mahal:

"We deserved it! We deserved it. We let him down! 2-on-1 against AJ Styles; we had a huge opportunity. AJ is one of the best wrestlers in the world, probably in the last few decades. He truly is Phenomenal, and it was an opportunity of a lifetime. And we let The Maharaja down. And he (Mahal) had every right to put us in our place for that. Lesson learned, brother. Lesson learned."

The Singh Brothers also hinted at possibly returning at Saturday's show, saying "December 9th Indira Gandhi Stadium, you’re gonna have to find out yourself what’s gonna happen. Just like everyone else."

via sescoops.com

After spending time as a tag team in NXT, the Singh Brothers appeared at the Backlash pay-per-view. They interfered on Mahal's behalf, helping him defeat Randy Orton to win his very first WWE Championship.

The Singh Brothers had a successful run as partners to Mahal, promoting him with their strong microphone skills while building up his heel character. With Mahal set to face AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions on Dec. 17, it's entirely possible the Singh Brothers interfere in that match, too.

Otherwise, we'll have to wait a bit longer until we find out what the next gimmick and storyline will be for the Singh Brothers.


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