Sister Abigail's True Identity Potentially Revealed

Bray Wyatt's revelation that Sister Abigail is alive shocked the WWE Universe, and her identity might have been revealed this week.

Bray Wyatt appeared on Raw once again this week to reveal a little more about the eerie Sister Abigail, and now it seems we know who she is, and the result is shocking.

Last week on Raw, Bray Wyatt wasn't in the arena, but he certainly made his presence felt. The Eater of Worlds hasn't exactly had the best of luck recently in his matches against Balor, losing to both Balor The Demon and Balor The Man. Well, it turns out that Wyatt has a little black magic of his own.

Wyatt interrupted Balor last week and encouraged him to let his Demon reemerge because he has someone who would like to meet him, Sister Abigail. The revelation that Abigail was still alive was quickly followed by an extremely creepy effect that replaced Wyatt with well, presumably Sister Abigail. In the week that followed, the WWE Universe has been abuzz with trying to figure out who Abigail could possibly be.


Now, this week on Raw, the identity of the female Wyatt became a little clearer. The same eerie effect was used to morph Watt's face and this time Abigail had a message for Balor. The voice was just as, if not more, weird than the face that accompanied it. It was merely a distorted version of Bray's voice and that coupled with what Abigail had to say suggests that much like Balor's demon, she's an alter ego of Wyatt himself.


When Balor becomes The Demon, he undergoes a transformation. It's a version of himself that the first ever Universal Champion reserves for only the biggest events and matches. The Demon's entrance and matches always have a certain aura and electricity about them. Judging by what we've seen of Sister Abigail so far, if she really is just an extension of Bray Wyatt, then imagine the feeling in the arena if she meets Finn's demon at TLC.

Bray Wyatt's character has needed some sort of boost for a while now and it appears as if WWE may have struck oil with the reintroduction of Sister Abigail. It has created an intrigue in the former WWE Champion like we haven't seen in a long time and let's just hope that they make the pay off worth it whenever that happens.

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Sister Abigail's True Identity Potentially Revealed