The 10 Moments That Made Becky Lynch "The Man"

It's been quite some time since there's been a rise to prominence anything like what we've seen with Becky Lynch. While she was always one of the more popular women on the roster Becky seemed to be stuck in the middle, fighting against the current to try and make her way back to the top like when she was the first ever Smackdown Women's Champion.

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Time and time again it seemed like Lynch was ready to break back through that barrier and reign on top of the mountain once again but there always seemed to be an obstacle standing in her way. Whether it was what seemed to be lost confidence from the main office or her simply not having the trust of the right people to help lead a revolution, Becky discovered this wasn't a job for anyone, this was a job for "The Man".

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10 Becky Gains Momentum

Following yet another disappointing loss at Money In The Bank in 2018, Becky Lynch finally started to gain some momentum by picking up big victory after big victory on Smackdown Live! Becky started getting more and more attention as she continued to come out victorious against stars such as The IIconics, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, and Smackdown Women's Champion, Carmella which led directly to her earning a shot at the title.

9 Snapping on Charlotte Flair

Becky seemed poise to finally re-capture the Smackdown Title in a one on one contest against Carmella at SummerSlam...until Charlotte Flair got added to the match that is. The seemingly permanent thorn in Lynch's side that Charlotte is, she took full advantage of the situation claiming the championship for herself.

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This is when Becky finally snapped, being forced into the background again wasn't going to cut it for the Lass Kicker so she took her frustration out on Flair with a vicious attack after the match

8 Becky Explains Her Actions

The following Tuesday on Smackdown Live, Lynch let her frustrations out through the microphone. She tore into the fans, the company, and most importantly, Charlotte Flair. Venting her problems for the world to see about how it seemed as if Flair was handed everything on a silver platter from those in charge while Lynch has to fight and claw for any glimpse of recognition not only from the people in the back but from the fans too. It was a story the crowd fully bought into as the cheers started to grow louder and louder

7 Lynch Beats Flair For Title

Having the fans on her side was all well and good but there was still something else Becky was looking for, the Smackdown Women's Championship. After earning herself a title match at Hell In A Cell, Lynch finally broke through winning the title for a second time and cementing herself atop the women's division. Now with her confidence at an all time high Becky started leaning into "The Man' character more and more, as Charlotte's dad Ric said "To be the man, you have to beat the man"

6 Defending The Championship Down Under

Now that Becky Lynch firmly had her hands on the Smackdown Title there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to keep it, and Lynch demonstrated as much during WWE's massive event in Australia, Super Show Down. As the two rivals faced off it seemed as though Charlotte was mere moments away from taking the title back but Becky showed no remorse in grabbing that title and beating Flair up with it. Lynch lost by disqualification but kept her title and showed the crowd exactly how far she was willing to go to stay on top

5 Last Woman Standing Match

After the controversial finish at Super Show Down, Lynch and Charlotte would do battle once again, this time at the first ever all women WWE event Evolution in a last women standing match.

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Once again Becky showed everyone how extreme she was willing to go to keep the championship she worked so hard for even if that meant power bombing her former friend off the ropes through a table on the outside.

4 Raw Invasion

Following her victory against Charlotte, in what some called the match of the year in 2018, Becky showed she was ready for a new challenge when she stormed into Monday Night Raw in the lead up to Survivor Series. Unfortunately for Lynch the attack didn't go entirely as planned when Nia Jax entered the ring to try and defend her turf. A careless punch landed square on Becky's face forcing her out of the Survivor Series event, with Charlotte taking her place against Ronda Rousey, but leading to perhaps the best visual to show off Lynch's new attitude.

3 Rousey Takes Down Lynch

While out with her injury Lynch made sure everyone knew how she felt about Raw Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey and how Rousey was lucky Becky was out with injury so she couldn't expose Ronda at Survivor Series. After Lynch was cleared to return to action she didn't wait long to put the title back on the line, defending the belt against both Charlotte Flair and Asuka in a TLC match at the event named after the stipulation. At the end of the match Rousey made her presence felt taking out both Lynch, for her disrespect, and Charlotte, for attacking Ronda at Survivor Series, leaving Asuka to be the new Smackdown Champion

2 Royal Rumble Victory

Lynch didn't have to wait long to try and win her title back as she was set to face Asuka at the Royal Rumble. Becky's injured knee limited what she could do in the ring however and Asuka wasn't ashamed to take advantage, eventually locking in a bridging Asuka Lock to retain her title. Lynch's night wasn't done yet though, after Nia Jax decked Lana on her way to the ring there was an opening for someone to take Lana's spot in the Rumble, an opportunity Becky pounced on.

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Fighting through on one leg Lynch finally eliminated Charlotte and locked up her spot at Wrestlemania against Ronda Rousey.

1 War Of Words With McMahons

After winning the rumble and announcing her intentions to take on Rousey at Mania it seemed like it was finally smooth sailing for Becky, but the McMahons had different intentions. Citing Lynch's recent knee injury Stephanie started to threaten to take away Becky's opportunity unless she could get medical clearance which Lynch was understandably paranoid about. Vince McMahon, never being a fan of resistance, suspended Becky and replaced her with Charlotte in a move reminiscent of Summerslam. Since then Lynch has worked her way back into the match making it a three way but once again it appears to be the corporate machine versus "The Man"

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