Backstage Details On How The SmackDown Invasion Angle Was Filmed

The "under siege" invasion set the stage for Survivor Series, and the WWE used a seldom-used tactic to perfect the angle.

The "Under Siege" angle that saw WWE Superstars from SmackDown Live attack WWE Superstars from Raw was well done in many respects. The scenes of wrestlers in blue storming the backstage area and systematically taking out their future competition one-by-one looked like a well-oiled plan that came together. It looked almost like they knew exactly what would happen before the incidents happened on WWE programming.

That's because they did.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), those segments were filmed earlier that afternoon and edited together to ensure things were seamless and the beatings appeared more realistic and, in a way, more savage. The WWE Universe didn't, in fact, see everything that took place since editors decided to leave some of the footage on the cutting room floor.


Payback by the Raw Superstars has not yet been delivered and there's no indication yet whether or not those attacks will be shot live or done in the same fashion the SmackDown attacks were. It seems more likely that whatever Raw does will be done inside a ring or in front of a live audience to avoid two backstage segments fans in attendance can't be a part of.

This is not a new trick. In recent months, the WWE has used this technique to ensure certain and more complicated scenes are done properly. Segments involving vehicles, chases and other non-ring altercations like the one that saw Braun Strowman run into Roman Reigns while inside an ambulance are done to ensure safety and realism.

As Survivor Series draws closer, there is still plenty of time for Raw to seek revenge. Each Tuesday that goes by and Raw doesn't show builds more and more anticipation for when the roof finally blows off whatever arena the two respective shows are in.


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Backstage Details On How The SmackDown Invasion Angle Was Filmed