More Concerning Photos Of SmackDown Live's Attendance

It was exactly one week ago today that we posted about worrying photos in regards to SmackDown Live's poor attendance. The photos weren't good, but maybe the WWE was hoping that the reason for the low turnout was because with the Raw No Mercy pay-per-view coming up SmackDown Live was getting pushed into the backdrop a little.

Not that the reasoning makes much sense, but even if it did, that sure wouldn't help explain yesterday's awful attendance at the SmackDown Live show at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

No Mercy was last Sunday, and in two weeks it will be Smackdown Live's turn with their Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. Which means Smackdown should have the focus of the WWE universe, and last night's show and next week's go-home show are the two final episodes before the special event. But, that didn't seem to matter.


Now, maybe the TV ratings will be better, but the live attendance was really bad as people just didn't show up last night. Just look at these photos tweeted out by some of the few people who actually showed up for the live show:

It's hard to tell without exact numbers, but those photos look even worse than last week's SmackDown Live attendance. The numbers this week of 3,500 people in a 17,000-19,000 seat arena is definitely not going to make the higher-ups at the WWE very happy.

And it probably doesn't make the wrestlers very happy either. Some of them have probably performed in front of more people at an independent show before they even joined the biggest wrestling promotion in the world!


So, what's going on? It's not like SmackDown is lacking talent. AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, The New Day, and Shinsuke Nakamura are just a few of the blue brand's big or popular superstars.

Still Real To Us reports that this week's show didn't feature any big matches and the WWE didn't really advertise anything big leading up to the show that would have gotten more people excited to buy tickets. That could be part of it. But what about last week?

It can be argued that SmackDown Live has been putting on better shows than Raw lately - and while Raw's attendance has also had a few issues, it definitely isn't as bad as SmackDown.

What's your theory? Why do you think the blue brand has been selling such few tickets lately?

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