Shane McMahon Names HIMSELF Captain Of Team SmackDown Live

Shane McMahon opened SmackDown Live this week by announcing that he will lead his show's five-man team into Survivor Series.

Kurt Angle opened up Raw this week to address the show being put under siege by SmackDown Live the week before. The gold medalist was cut short by a returning Stephanie McMahon though. Stephanie informed Angle that she wasn't happy with how he had been running the show in her absence. He was reluctantly given the opportunity to make amends though as McMahon made him the captain of Team Raw's five-man team at Survivor Series.

The following night on SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon had some blockbuster news of his own. First of all, the commissioner denounced the attack on Daniel Bryan by Kane. He would then go on to confirm, to the surprise of very few, that he would be taking up the mantle of captaining Team Blue at Survivor Series.


Not all ten men have been announced for the elimination tag team match but Shane McMahon does know a few of the people he will be in the ring with, both for an against. Randy Orton was the first man announced for his own team on last week's SmackDown Live then, directly after the commissioner's announcement, Bobby Roode earned the right to stand shoulder to shoulder with his boss. On the other side, there is, of course, Kurt Angle and The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman.

Angle and McMahon are no strangers to one another in the ring. Back at King of the Ring 2001 the pair of them did battle in one of the most infamous street fights in WWE history. The match featured a lot of brutality, a lot of blood, and a spot that almost saw Shane-O Mac break his neck as he was slammed into a pane of glass that failed to break. On that occasion, over sixteen years ago it was our Olympic Hero that left victorious.


Even before Stephanie McMahon forced Raw's captaincy upon Kurt Angle, it was pretty much a given that Shane McMahon was going to insert himself in the 10 man match. When he led his SmackDown Live Superstars into battle on Raw last week, he more or less declared that fact, threatening the Raw GM and telling him to bring his gold medals with him to Survivor Series. Now all that's left to figure out is who will fill the rest of those spots before Nov. 19 2017.


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