WWE Names Next Colonel Sanders In Royal Rumble Style Dark Match

One of the dark matches on SmackDown Live this week was a Royal Rumble style bout to decide who the next WWE KFC Colonel will be.

This week's SmackDown Live was something of a slow affair with not many of the show's biggest stars even appearing, let alone competing in matches. The bulk of the show revolved around the culmination of the United States Title tournament with three of the four matches that took place being a part of that and the night ending with a new champion being crowned.


In fact, according to those who were in the crowd for the show, it sounds like the best action of the night happened when the cameras weren't rolling. Not only did the first match of the Mixed Match Challenge take place, but there was also a four corners Tag Team Championship match. The tag team division is the best thing about SmackDown Live at the moment so keeping that match off television was a bold, and maybe a misguided, move.

Despite all of that, there was still something even better that for the in-house crowd once SmackDown Live was on the air. A Royal Rumble style match to decide who will be the next WWE KFC Colonel. The match featured stars from both Raw and SmackDown Live and began with The Miz and Rusev. More stars continued to enter and were eliminated by being thrown over the top rope. AJ Styles won the match, and you can read about how the whole thing went down at Wrestling Forum.

As entertaining as the match sounds, what's worrying is that The Phenomenal One was the winner. Presumably that means the WWE Champion will be the next Superstar to dress up as Colonel Sanders for a WWE KFC advert. While that sounds a little like career suicide, he will be in good company. In 2017 Shawn Michaels put on the white suit and the fake beard. Dolph Ziggler has also played the role.



It's a little frustrating to hear how good SmackDown Live was after the show considering how mundane the actual show itself was. Maybe that is how WWE wants us to feel though. It's no secret that sometimes the in-house numbers for SmackDown Live can be pretty low. Tuesday night was an example of why being in the arena is far and away a better experience than watching the show at home and may help sell a few more tickets in the future.

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