New Tag Team Forming On SmackDown Live

The SmackDown Live tag team division may be about to get a little bigger as WWE looks set to pair up Rusev and Aiden English.

The tag division on SmackDown Live has been on fire as of late, and that's mainly thanks to two teams in particular. Ever since July, The Usos have been engaged in a war with the New Day, trading the brand's Tag Team Championships back and forth. They've been stealing every show they've wrestled on by staging some incredible matches.

As good as those two teams are though, they can't carry an entire tag division alone. The time has come for another duo on WWE's blue brand to step up as the rivalry between Usos and New Day comes to an end. Right now, Jimmy and Jey Uso's next challengers will be Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, but who else will raise their game in order to keep up with the twins?


Well, according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer there may be a new pairing on the SmackDown Live tag team landscape in the very near future. Apparently, the current plan is to have Aiden English and Rusev pair up and join the division. The two of them have already formed an alliance on screen and tagged a couple of times ever since English did the musical honors for The Bulgarian Brute on Rusev Day.

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While Rusev has mainly been a singles star throughout his WWE run, English is no stranger to the tag division. Throughout the majority of his time in NXT and when he debuted on the main roster he was paired with Simon Gotch as one half of The Vaudevillains. That tag team came to an end earlier this year when Gotch was released from WWE, but they did enjoy a spell as NXT Tag Team Champions while they were together.


WWE needs to do something with Rusev, and they need to do it now. The booking of The Bulgarian Brute has been very up and down for a while now, and it would come as no surprise if the former United States Champion were to look elsewhere for work if his prospects don't improve soon. Maybe a successful run in the tag division is exactly what Rusev needs to rejuvenate his WWE career.

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