At the start of the week, the biggest thing that needed to be addressed on the coming edition of SmackDown Live was the return of Shane McMahon and how he would deal with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Well, that issue had to take a backseat after what happened on Monday Night Raw. Shane O Mac along with half of the blue brand’s roster invaded WWE’s flagship and really sent a message as the build to Raw versus SmackDown Live at Survivor Series began. Not only did Shane, Daniel Bryan, and the rest of the locker room have to begin preparing their own teams, but they would also need to be on high alert for a return attack from the men and women of Monday Night Raw.

5. Breezango Are Going To Run Out Of Shows To Mock

The Fashion Police returned once again this week on SmackDown Live to continue the surprise hit of 2017 in WWE, The Fashion Files. This time Breeze and ‘Dango were paying homage to the classic Quentin Tarantino film, Resevoir Dogs. They also didn’t get any closer to solving any of the mysteries they’re supposed to be investigating, as pointed out to them by a frustrated Ascension. Instead they were interrogating a tied up James Ellsworth about a briefcase. Turns out they had confused their briefcase with Carmella’s Money In The Bank one, although they did find out that’s where Ellsworth keeps his underwear. Next week’s Fashion Files theme, Stranger Things!

4. Sami Likes SmackDown After All

As was to be expected Shane McMahon was the first face we saw on SmackDown Live this week. The man who declared that Raw was under siege opened Tuesday’s show to explain his and his Superstar’s actions just 24 hours prior. Before he could finish his thought however Sami Zayn made his way to the ring. Naturally the tension between the two of them was pretty high as this was the first time the two had seen each other since that moment at Hell In A Cell. Shockingly the pair didn’t come to blows, and Zayn had in fact come out to offer his and Kevin Owens’ services for Team SmackDown Live at Survivor Series, albeit in a very big headed way. Shane revealed that he neither wanted nor needed Zayn or KO for the PPV, but if Sami could beat Randy Orton later in the night then he would win a spot on the blue brand’s men’s team.

3. Jinder Mahal Is Not Brock Lesnar’s Worst Nightmare

Last week on SmackDown Live Jinder Mahal issued the biggest challenge of his career to date. The Modern Day Maharajah called out The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Well Lesnar responded, accepted, and now a match between the two of them is booked for Survivor Series next month. Mahal is absolutely brimming with confidence about the match too, claiming on Tuesday night that he is the Universal Champion’s worst nightmare. Hate to break it to you Jinder, but you’re not. After his promo his lackey Sunil Singh went one on one with AJ Styles. The match did not last long at all as Sunil tapped to AJ’s Calf Crusher, although Singh probably lasted longer than Mahal will at Survivor Series.

2. The Exits Were Being Guarded For Nothing

The main event on Tuesday night featured Sami Zayn and Randy Orton battling it out for a spot on Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. While the match itself was pretty entertaining and a worthy main event, almost everybody would have had at least half an eye on the crowd and the entrance way. Throughout the show WWE made a point of saying that all the exits were covered so that Raw Superstars couldn’t invade the arena and gain revenge for what happened to them on Monday. It seemed inevitable that someone from Team Red would show up, but they never did. Instead the night came to an end with an Orton win. It’ll happen eventually of course but after the excitement of what happened on Raw a lack of follow up felt like a pretty big anti climax.

1. Becky Lynch Is Getting A Well Deserved Spotlight

The first full team has been set for Survivor Series. This past Tuesday, Daniel Bryan announced all five women that will compete for the blue brand at WWE’s next PPV. With Raw’s team captain already declared, naturally SmackDown Live needed to do the same. All five of the females that will team together at Survivor Series competed in a Fatal Five Way match to determine who would do the honors, and it was Becky Lynch who came out on top. Amid the chaos that was the multi woman match Lynch managed to get in her patented Disarm-her on Carmella and make Miss Money In The Bank tap out. Becky is SmackDown Live’s captain and it really is about time that the Lass Kicker got a little bit of recognition and screen time.

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