SmackDown Live Recap And Reactions- New Day Sets The Bar

WWE may consider SmackDown Live the company's B show, at least until it moves to FOX in 2019, but the majority of fans see it very differently. The blue brand has the most of the more popular stars, a tag division that is second to none, and a World Champion who should really be the face of the company. Plus, it's only two hours a week rather than three or more. All of that plus SummerSlam being less than two weeks away makes SmackDown Live unmissable right now every single week.


Shockingly, one of the most unmissable elements of SmackDown Live right now is Randy Orton. He's not a Superstar who tends to reinvent himself, sometimes it even feels like he doesn't want to be there at all. Not right now though. Orton's feud with Jeff Hardy seems to have reignited something deep down inside the tenured Superstar. A couple of weeks ago, Orton cut one hell of a promo to open the show. This Tuesday he did the same, warning that there is more punishment to come for Hardy. The Charismatic Enigma might be facing Shinsuke Nakamura at SummerSlam, but you'd have to imagine The Viper will not quit until he is a part of that match too.

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If you hadn't noticed, the WWE Universe is currently fully behind Becky Lynch. In fact, the SmackDown Live Superstar may have more momentum than anyone else on the SummerSlam card heading into her Women's Championship match at the biggest party of the summer. That momentum was halted a little last week by none other than The Lass Kicker's best friend, Charlotte Flair. The Queen is now a part of that title match making it a triple threat. Lynch is not letting that get her down though and even teamed with Flair this week to take on The Iiconics. As you can imagine, the two title contenders made short work of the Australian pair, but it was Flair who got the win when she made Peyton Royce tap.

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Rusev Day has become a daily holiday that all fans want to get behind, but the misgivings of Aiden English are putting it in jeopardy. Last week, Lana stepped into the ring with Zelina Vega and English inadvertantly cost the Ravishing Russian the match. This week, the two of them had a rematch, and Rusev accompanied his wife to the ring while instructing English to stay backstage. Unsurprisingly, things quickly got out of hand when Andrade Almas tried to get involved. As he and Rusev were brawling at ringside, English sprinted out to help his friend and accidentally knocked Lana off the turnbuckle in an attempt to take down Almas. That opened the door for Vega who now has two wins in two weeks over Lana.

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It's official folks! Daniel Bryan versus The Miz is happening, and it's happening at SummerSlam. It's the dream match we have wanted to see ever since The Awesome One went off on Bryan during THAT episode of Talking Smack, long before the former World Champion came out of retirement. Miz naturally had quite a lot to say about the matchup, but he once again did it from the safety of his closed set. Turns out the set isn't as closed as he thought. Midway through an anti-Bryan rant, his SummerSlam opponent sprinted into the room and started to put the boots to Miz. The A-Lister recovered enough to smash a vase over Bryan's back and make his escape. Ladies and gentlemen, we may now have the match that will steal the show in Brooklyn.


Earlier on we mentioned how good the tag division is on SmackDown Live and that was highlighted by The Bar and The New Day in Tuesday night's main event. No matter how good the division is, only one team can be the champions and only one can be its contenders, for the most part anyway. The two teams competed for the chance to go to SummerSlam and take on The Bludgeon Brothers and put on an absolute tag team clinic in the process. The match was PPV-worthy and had the in-house crowd on its feet as it really felt like it could go either way. Eventually though, it was one of the team's that initially put SmackDown Live's tag division on the map who won, The New Day. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods now have the chance to become five time champions at SummerSlam.


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