SmackDown Live: Sami Zayn Explains His Actions At Hell In A Cell

Sami Zayn's actions at Hell in a Cell left the WWE Universe in shock when he saved Kevin Owens from Shane McMahon, but now we have an explanation.

Sami Zayn has finally revealed why he saved Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell. Byron Saxton called it "surreal" and Corey Graves called it "friendship." And as much as Saxton is the butt of many jokes at that announce table, we think that most people would agree with his assessment of what went down tonight with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at SmackDown Live.

The Owens and Zayn promo was probably the most highly anticipated moment of the night and definitely the most must-watch-tv moment on SmackDown Live since Vince McMahon showed up to confront Owens after his beatdown from Shane McMahon a few weeks ago.

As we all know, this promo came about as a way for Sami Zayn to explain his actions at the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view this past Sunday night when to the incredible shock and surprise of everyone in the building, he pulled Kevin Owen from the announce table just before he was going to get crushed by Shane McMahon who had jumped from the top of the Hell In A Cell cage.


So, why did he do it? Why did Sami Zayn save Kevin Owens?

Well, tonight's promo began with Owens coming out and talking about the fight and talking about how when he was laid out on that announce table and McMahon was about to jump on him from 20 feet up he actually left his body and saw St. Peter. And then, out of nowhere, his guardian angel Zayne appeared and saved him.

He then called out Zayn who made his way to the ring and provided his explanation for his actions. He spoke for a while about how he had always done things the right way (unlike Owens who had cheated and turned on his best friend) but it was Owens who had won multiple championships while he had remained in the middle.

While Shane McMahon told Zayn that he would have great opportunities when they brought him over to SmackDown Live, those opportunities never materialized. Which is when he realized that McMahon didn't really care about him. Then he saw him have the victory in hand at Hell In A Cell but instead of taking the win he climbed the cage in an attempt to completely destroy Owens.


Well, that showed Zayn that Shane-O Mack didn't care about anyone but himself and while he and Owens have been friends and enemies, they are also "brothers" and so he decided he had to save his brother.


As for the initial action at Hell In A Cell, no one saw this coming. This hadn't been leaked all over the internet beforehand. This was a genuine, awesome surprise and one that had everyone buzzing given the history of the two men going back years.

Zayn and Owens were best friends for years in various promotions and then, one day out of nowhere Owens turned on Zayn and beat him up (Chris Jericho knows what that is like) and they have been enemies ever since (it was only last week that Owens power-bombed Zayn into the ring apron).

But there they both were, at the end of their promo, raising each others arms in the air all smiles and hugging it out. Which lead to the aforementioned "surreal" and "friendship" comments from the announcers—there was also a "bizarro world" comment thrown in there for good measure.


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SmackDown Live: Sami Zayn Explains His Actions At Hell In A Cell