Biggest SmackDown Live Moments - Andrade 'Cien' Almas Impresses In Debut

If you asked the layman which pro wrestling show would have more big moments, one that last two hours or one that lasts more than three, well suffice to say most would hedge their bets and opt for the longer show. The fact of the matter is that isn't necessarily true. In fact it actual feels as if SmackDown Live has more moments than its Monday night counterpart. In reality the two shows probably have about the same, but the blue brand's creative team doesn't have to spread them across such a long period of time. Here are the biggest moments from this week's London-based episode of SmackDown Live.

5. Becky Lynch Turns The Tables

Paige may have brought Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to SmackDown Live, but it wasn't so that she could keep Absolution together. Far from it in fact. The General Manager has informed Rose and Deville on multiple occasions that their time as a tag team is over. That message may finally have sunk in this past Tuesday night. Paige placed both women in the same Money In The Bank qualifying match, along with Becky Lynch. For a while the two of them worked together, but eventually they had to turn their attentions to one another. Once that happened the match was The Lass Kicker's for the taking. With Deville on Rose's shoulders, Lynch saw her chance to turn the tide of the match. She did that by drop kicking the blonde bombshell, bringing Deville crashing down on top of her.


4. Daniel Bryan Did Not Want To Let Go

It looked as if the rivalry between Daniel Bryan and Big Cass had ended at Backlash. The former defeated the latter by forcing the seven footer to tap out, something he was likely pretty embarrassed about, and we hadn't seem him since. That was until this past week on SmackDown Live. Bryan was in the ring discussing his intentions to one day be a WWE Champion once again, when Cass interrupted and informed him that he'll be doing everything in his power to prevent that from happening. After Cass had run his mouth for long enough, Bryan snapped. The former World Champion made Cass tap yet again, and this time it took a team of officials to pry Bryan off of Cass.

3. Introducing Andrade 'Cien' Almas

SmackDown Live unquestionably got the better end of the deals when it came to this year's Superstar Shakeup. The blue brand's roster is absolutely stacked, and not even all of their acquisitions have made their debuts yet. Sanity and Andrade 'Cien' Almas hadn't shown their faces before Tuesday, although that is now no longer the case for the latter. Almas put on an impressive showing in his first ever match on SmackDown Live, although it was only against a local enhancement talent from London. A win is a win though, and he earned it via his hard hitting finishing move, the hammerlock DDT.

2. The Promised Knee To Face

Recently Shinsuke Nakamura has not only been using a knee to the face in order to debilitate AJ Styles, he has also been using a fist to the, well you know where. Prior to their match on SmackDown Live this week however, The King Of Strong Style simply stated that he would be using kinsasha after kinsasha on the WWE Champion in order to earn himself the win. Turns out he only needed one in the end, but there were some dirty tactics employed beforehand in order to reach that point. Nakamura claimed that Styles had given him a low blow. While The Phenomenal One attempted to explain the truth to the referee, Nakamura gained the upper hand and delivered that knee to face as promised.


1. Big E Runs Incredible Interference

Even though Money In The Bank is still five weeks away, spots in the men's ladder match have already become extremely hard to come by. In fact heading into this week's SmackDown Live, there were only two slots left to fill. One of those would go to either a member of The New Day or one from The Bar. Both teams went head to head with the winners earning the right to select just one man from their ranks to enter the match. Xavier Woods eventually picked up the win for his team courtesy of a big elbow drop on Cesaro, however that wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Big E. The former NXT Champion speared Sheamus right off the ring apron, taking out himself in the process as both men wound up in a heap at ring side.

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