10 SmackDown Superstars Who Will Be Left Behind On Fox

With SmackDown Live's move to Fox, WWE fans have already begun seeing some changes. To start, there's a new look for the stage, the logo has been redesigned, and Brock Lesnar defeated beloved WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kofi Kingston in the very first episode of the show. With a bigger focus on the massive stars, we've seen the likes of Cain Valasquez be pushed to the forefront, while other Superstars begin to be lost in the shuffle.

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While we can understand a bit of a roster shakeup, as WWE settles in with Fox, we'll start to see superstars change their positions on the roster. So, with that in mind, here are 10 SmackDown Superstars Who Will Be Left Behind On Fox.

10 Carmella

Carmella's time on the WWE main roster has been strange. After winning the SmackDown Women's Championship, she defeated the unstoppable Asuka multiple times while aligning herself with the chinless wonder James Ellesworth, before completely reinventing herself as R-Truth's partner in crime.

She became a big part of WWE in this role as the two would routinely steal the show with their hilarious antics surrounding the WWE 24/7 Championship, but that all ended rather unexpectedly when Truth was drafted to Raw. Carmella now feels incomplete without her old partner, and while she's proven she can change whenever needed, she seems pretty directionless at the moment. We hope she can find her groove again because her character is fun and her promos are fantastic — she can be used in almost any situation.

9 Mickie James

Mickie James came onto the WWE roster in surprising fashion back in 2016, as a contender against the then-NXT Champion, Asuka. Proving she's still got it, WWE quickly brought her up to the main roster where she feuded with Alexa Bliss before becoming friends with the rising star. Now, unfortunately, she's been sort of lost in the shuffle. Barely getting TV time, let alone meaningful storylines, James doesn't appear to be in the company's plans.

Still, she's a part of the SmackDown Live roster, according to WWE.com, but we wouldn't blame you for not realizing it. With a focus on Bayley and Sasha banks, we don't see Jame's position changing.

8 Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura came to WWE as one of the biggest gets in recent memory. As one of the premiere names in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Nakamura came to NXT and became one of the most dominant wrestlers in the company. Once he got called up to the main roster, however, Nakamura struggled. He seemed to find his way more recently as the Intercontinental Champion with Sami Zayn as his mouthpiece, but we're worried that on Fox, there's a chance that WWE may get cold feet on the superstar again.

At the very least, we can say that Nakamura is a potential World Champion contender, even after losing to AJ Styles the last time he challenged, but with Lesnar or The Fiend as the champion, it's hard to see Nakamura move higher than his current position.

7 Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss was one of the pillars of the Women's Division not that long ago. The superstar was unexpectedly called up from NXT in 2016, and following this, she took over SmackDown Live, quickly becoming one of the main women of the show. She moved to Raw in 2017, where she continued to battle for and defend the show's championship, but injuries have stopped and started her momentum at various points. She appeared to be back in action following an odd-ball alliance with Nikki Cross, which resulted in a Women's Tag Team Championship win, but the duo was not really given much attention despite the long-term story building beforehand.

As of this writing, Bliss is reportedly hurt again, which doesn't bode well for her position, but on a show that's heavily featuring Bayley and Sasha Banks as the top stars, we wonder if Bliss will be able to get back on track and be one of the big parts of the show again.

6 Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is so talented that when WWE needed to give Shinsuke Nakamura, he did the job, raising both stars' position in the company in the process.

Unfortunately, however, that seems to be working against Zayn, as with Fox's desire for more grounded wrestling mentality, the great showman might continue to see limited ring-time going forward. In reality, Zayn should be challenging for at least the Intercontinental Championship, but we're not sure if that will happen anymore.

5 Jeff Hardy

When Jeff Hardy returned to WWE alongside his brother, Matt, at WrestleMania 33, it was a big deal. Winning the Raw Tag Team Championships in a ladder match in their first night back was a great way to return, but they were quickly split up not long after. In that time, Matt reprised his "Broken" character while Jeff wrestled as one of the great babyfaces on SmackDown Live.

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Once 2019 rolled around Jeff was reunited with his brother and won the show's Tag Team straps, but that was cut short thanks to a poorly timed injury. Since then, Jeff has experienced some trouble with the law, and that could hurt his standing on SmackDown when he returns. At 42-years-old, he's at the tail end of his career too, but he may be saved by a weaker tag-team division on the show.

4 Luke Harper

Luke Harper's career seemed to take a hit before SmackDown Live moved to Fox, but we're adding him to this list as he did make a small comeback before fading back to obscurity. With a fantastic beard and even more incredible wrestling ability, Luke Harper is one of the most underused superstars in the WWE. Yet, he's rarely ever used and when he is, it's alongside his long-time partner Eric Rowan.

Rowan has since gone on to be used as Daniel Bryan's muscle, and later, the man who hit Roman Reigns with a freaking car, so it's clear WWE prefers one member of the Tag-Team compared to the other, and with Rowan's stock raising as a single's star, it appears his old partner may be needed less and less.

3 Cesaro

Cesaro is one of those wrestlers who is always considered one of the best in the company but never given an opportunity to prove it. Sure, he puts on fantastic matches on a consistent basis, but outside of his runs in some truely memorable tag-teams, Cesaro hasn't been given anything to sink his teeth into as a single's star in recent memory. On SmackDown, we don't see that changing any time soon.

We'd love to see the Swiss Cyborg get a shot at a World Title, but after a loss to Monsoor at Crown Jewel, the star will need to get a few wins before that's doable at all, and without Sheamus by his side, we don't see him reprising his role as the best tag-team star in the company any time soon.

2 Ali

Believe it or not, Ali was originally intended to be in Kofi Kingston's place for the gauntlet match that eventually put the star in a position to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, but a poorly timed injury changed everything.

The star has come close since returning — in fact he competed in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match — but he's struggled to find a consistent place since returning. He's talented enough to be on TV every week, and be chosen to represent Team Hogan alongside Roman Reigns and Shorty G at Crown Jewel, but we fear his size might be detrimental for him in a more "sports-oriented" show.

1 Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston lost his WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Brock Lesnar in just a few seconds. If that's not a bleak start to a new era for a superstar, we're not sure what is. As one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE, the talented high-flyer will always have a place on TV, but we have a hard time seeing him back on top any time soon.

That isn't a knock on his talent, however, the veteran is great, but seeing as how quickly he was dealt with at the hands of Brock Lesnar, and no rematch in sight, it's hard to imagine him back on top.

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