SmackDown Live Viewership Up With Nakamura Vs Orton Headlining

SmackDown Live has been treating each show like an important event lately, but did the dream match of Orton vs Nakamura move the needle?

It looks like the Randy Orton vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match from this past Tuesday's SmackDown Live caused a spike in viewership. Of course, the match was huge because it determined who would become the top contender to face off against Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell, which is scheduled for Oct. 8, 2017, in Detroit.

This past Tuesday's show ended up averaging 2.582 million viewers, which is up from the 2.455 million viewers they recorded from the previous week. The influx in viewers makes sense since a huge event like Hell in a Cell is coming up and the fans want to know who's going to be facing off against Mahal.

Of course, SmackDown Live doesn't draw the same amount as people as Raw, who had an average of 2.932 million viewers this past Monday, which is down from the previous week’s 3.304 million viewers. You also have to factor in that it was Labor Day.


In comparison to other shows that were aired on Tuesday night, SmackDown came in at number five behind American Horror Story, The Haves & Have Nots, Rachel Maddow, and HannitySmackDown Live did come in at number two for the 18 to 49 demographic, which is pretty good.


With WWE Chairman Vince McMahon set to appear on next Tuesday's SmackDown Live after Shane McMahon attacked Kevin Owens, we could see another spike in viewership since McMahon doesn't make a lot of appearances.


SmackDown Live kicked off back on April 29,1999, and was turned into its own brand in 2002 when the WWE decided to have two separate rosters.  What's interesting is that there is one wrestler right now who is, in fact, a "free agent" and can appear on either SmackDown Live or Raw. And that is John Cena. We wouldn't expect the WWE to allow any other wrestler to be a free agent and float around the way he is able to.

One huge WWE star that legitimized SmackDown Live was The Rock who became synonymous with the brand that is named after one of his signature catch phrases.

Comment below and tell us your favorite moment from SmackDown Live over the years.

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SmackDown Live Viewership Up With Nakamura Vs Orton Headlining