SmackDown Women's Wrestler In Line For A Huge Push

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WWE Superstar Carmella has a lot of fans in the organization and that is going to lead to her getting a big push after Backlash with a Women's title program with Naomi.

Initially, according to SportsKeeda, she was actually supposed to win the SmackDown Women's title at WrestleMania 33 and then drop it to Naomi two days later. But those plans were changed to have Naomi win the WM33 match instead and supposedly WWE officials were really impressed with how Carmella handled the change and how she conducts herself in general - including throwing herself into the whole angle with James Ellsworth and really making it work for TV.

One of her biggest supporters is Triple H and he was the one that decided to break Carmella away from Enzo & Cass, which Carmella recently spoke about on Lillian Garcia's podcast, saying:

"When Hunter told me he said the reason why you’re not going with them is because you have the ability to make it on your own, you’re not just a hype girl for Cass and Enzo. You’re not, I see more in you, you have more potential and you’re gonna be fine on your own."

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