10 Wrestlers Who Could Save The Smackdown Women's Division

If the WWE didn't kill off the Smackdown's Women's Championship by placing it on Charlotte, then they sure as hell put it on the critical list. By putting the title on Charlotte Flair, so they could have their Four Horsewoman moment at Wrestlemania, the company are simply saying that it's not as important as it's RAW counterpart.

This is ludicrous, as the Smackdown Women's Championship was, arguably, at one time the more prestigious of the two, having been held by the best of the best in the women's division.

But now it's nothing more than a prop in the ongoing feud between the big three, yet with the right athletes, and the correct booking, it could easily become great again.

10 Asuka

It may seem strange to claim that the Empress Of Tomorrow could be the one to save the Smackdown Women's Divison but let's not forget, the hatchet job done on her career since she debuted on the main roster is not her fault, it's the booking teams (and, more than likely, Vince McMahon).

No matter what you think of the Asuka of today, there is no denying that she is one of the best wrestlers in the world when she's allowed to be. And all it would take to get her back to that level is just a little bit of trust.

9 Sasha Banks


Being one half of the Women's Tag Team Champions is the only real thing of note The Boss has done lately, ever since she had the temerity to not go through a table during that match with Charlotte Flair.

Since then she has had to put up with Vinnie Mac having little to no faith in her, and has been in such great feuds as the will they, won't they, back and forth with Bayley that seemed to never end. A switch to the blue brand would not only be a good move for her but for Smackdown as well.

8 Bayley

The other half of The Boss and Hug Connection has fared no better than her partner. In fact, you could say her entire tenure in the WWE has been mismanaged as badly as a pyramid scheme.

She was a phenomenon in NXT, but that has yet to follow her to RAW and all it would take is a run in a division that is in desperate need of new blood to turn that around. Maybe a heel turn is a bit of a far stretch but a run with the belt could only be beneficial to everyone involved.

7 Rhea Ripley

The Aussie Amazon has been a revelation since she first appeared on the Mae Young Classic and her transition to NXT UK has proven that she is already in need of a main roster call up.

A powerhouse of a wrestler, with a move set that looks painful beyond belief, to have her debut on Smackdown and run wild throughout the division would inject a much-needed rush of adrenaline into, what is in danger of becoming, a bloated corpse of a product. And if done correctly, it could make her the perfect foil for whoever ends up holding that title.

6 Mia Yim

The wrestler formerly known as Jade had some epic wars with Rosemary back in her Impact Zone days, and this, along with a stellar history in the independents, brought her to the attention of Titan Towers.

Now firmly entrenched in NXT, Mia Yim has proven herself more than deserving of, a major push when she finally makes the step up. And Smackdown would be the perfect place for her. Where RAW is packed to the brim with what they consider the cream of the crop, Mia Yim could add some much-needed star power to the blue brand.

5 Toni Storm

At the tender age of 23, it may come as a surprise to a lot of people that Toni Storm is a ten year veteran of pro-wrestling, debuting, as she did at the age of thirteen for Impact Pro Wrestling's Australian development system. Yet it's this dedication and love for her craft that should mark her out as a superstar.

The current NXT UK's Woman's Champion, there is no doubting that Storm is heading for a hugely successful career in the squared circle and, if they really want to revitalize the division, they should strap a blue rocket to her.

4 Ember Moon

Currently on the shelf, due to an elbow injury that required surgery, when Ember Moon finally does return to WWE programming it would be in everyone's best interest if she swapped brands.

With so much talent on Monday night, there's a good possibility that she'll get lost in the shuffle, especially if Rousey does stick around. But move her across to Tuesdays and there's a ready-made feud waiting for her. Linking her up with Asuka again will give fans who don't tune into NXT regularly, if at all, the chance to see one of the best rivalries that show ever had.

3 Kairi Sane

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The woman with the best elbow drop in the world has shown during her battles with Shayna Baszler that win or lose, the fans love her no matter what. And that's just the character that would thrive on Smackdown.

Add into the mix her amazing agility, her great pirate look, and her aforementioned 'InSane Elbow' finisher and she would be a shoo-in to make a smooth transition from developmental to the main roster. Not to mention that she would shift truckloads of merchandise as a babyface that even the youngest child could look up to.

2 Alexa Bliss

The fact that Lil Miss Bliss spends more time hosting a talk show segment than she does wrestling, tells you all you need to know about the state of both Women's Divisions within the WWE.

One of the best heels around and a former Smackdown Champion, to waste her in pointless segments like that state of undress bit that did nobody any favors, seems to prove that WWE really has no idea, at times, what to do with incredibly talented performers. They need to send her back to Smackdown and get her lacing up her boots again.

1 Shayna Baszler

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A bonafide badass who could kill you, seemingly, with just a thought, the quicker they call up Shayna Baszler the better.

Time is a bit of a factor here as well, as she is now heading towards forty, but there is nobody else under the WWE banner who could do the job of resurrecting the ailing division any better than the former MMA fighter. The fact she went straight to NXT when she signed her contract plays in her favor as well, as people have yet to grow tired of her the same way they appear to have towards Ronda.

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