Snitches Get Stitches: 15 Wrestlers Who Ratted On Other Wrestlers

Nobody likes a snitch. After all, snitches get stitches. Despite the negativity surrounding the term, it doesn't do much to deter people from ratting others out. It happens at school, it happens at work and it happens in families. Some would argue that it's only human nature to have your own self interest at heart or that it's normal to want to make someone else look bad in an effort to elevated their own standing and reputation. That doesn't really provide an adequate excuse for running around telling anyone’s business, especially the bad stuff.

People in the spotlight are particularly prone to snitching. Whether it's to blame shift or make themselves relevant again after falling into obscurity. Professional wrestlers aren't above said behavior. In fact, with all of the backstage debauchery and personality clashes, it would be surprising if there weren't any snitches, because they certainly have a lot of fuel to power them.

Evan Bourne has also made claims that the WWE even added snitching to the list of things the referees are responsible for. He also said that the referees were offered monetary incentives to disqualify someone in a match that had already been pre-determined. With so much time spent away from their families and the amount of temptation knocking on their doors, wrestling has become a snitch or be snitched on for some. Especially those who are or were looking to move up in the company or to not be forgotten and shoved aside in favour of a newer, fresher face. And some wrestlers have had such bitter ends that all they can do is sit back and tell the bad things everyone else did. In this list, we will take a look at 15 wrestlers who snitched on other wrestlers.

15 Hulk Hogan

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Jesse Ventura was at the helm of many contractual changes within pro wrestling and has even sued Vince McMahon for royalties in 1990 after having them taken away due to footage of him in the 80s falsely saying he didn’t want them. Ventura’s most famous clash with professional wrestling higher ups was when he was spearheading a movement to organize a wrestler’s union before WrestleMania II. It didn’t go according to plan, because Hulk Hogan ratted on Ventura’s efforts and McMahon threatened to fire Ventura if he went through with it. He didn’t, but begrudged Hogan for tattling. Ventura was let go six years after the union incident when he and McMahon clashed over Ventura being used to promote Sega products. McMahon said no and Ventura said yes.

The former governor of Minnesota still refuses to talk to Hogan 33 years after the incident.

14 Triple H

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Triple H’s character isn’t the most trustworthy guy on screen. As it turns out, he didn’t used to be so good at keeping his mouth shut in real life either.

Shawn Michaels was set to make a huge in-ring comeback in 2001 after he had quit wrestling, because he thought his career was over after he sustained a back injury that wouldn’t go away. Thanks to Triple H, his big splash didn’t go as planned. He found Michaels backstage, higher than a kite, during a TV taping. Apparently Triple H was disgusted by what he saw his friend doing and Michaels was even slurring words to the point where they were utterly incoherent. Triple H immediately went and told Vince McMahon, who was furious and sent Michaels home until he was in better shape. Michaels then cleaned up his act and “found God” while making a successful comeback to the WWE. Perhaps tattling was a good thing in this case.

13 Sunny

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Sunny was obviously far from a saint during her time with the WWE and still doesn’t appear to be with her new career in the adult film business. So when she and former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro started to feud on Twitter, it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black when she revealed that Massaro used to be an escort prior to her time with the WWE. Maybe she thinks it’s different if you get paid to do a movie? Either way, Sunny dropped a huge bomb that Massaro had been trying to keep a secret.

In addition to that, Sunny had admitted to having multiple affairs with married men in her tell-all book, including, but not limited to, The British Bulldog and HBK. If their wives hadn’t known before, they certainly did after.

12 Bob Holly

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Bob Holly was called a lot of things during his 15-year career with the WWE: bully, enforcer, bitter, angry and most of all, locker room snitch. Holly fancied himself somewhat of a backstage cop, tasked with keeping everyone and everything in line. Holly claims that he did it at the behest of Vince McMahon, but that can't really be proven one way or the other. It's basically he said, he said.

Bob Holly's favorite thing to snitch on was drug use. He didn't like drugs himself, so he would go out of his way to alert the powers that be when his co-workers were partaking in a little substance abuse and the drugs weren’t just a weekend thing. Holly aged out and the execs didn't show any interest in keeping him on after 50, so he has since been reduced to a bitter man writing autobiographies.

11 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels is probably the last person who should've been snitching on someone for being with more than one woman. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but he did anyway. During the height of his feud with Bret Hart, Michaels once singled Hart out during an episode of RAW and accused him of having an affair with Sunny. Who hadn't? Hart actually wasn't having "sunny days", but Michaels' comment did alert Bret's wife to the possibility of him straying and she discovered serial infidelity from her husband. The resulting aftermath was her filing from divorce and Bret becoming a free man.

He and Sunny were actually just good friends and she liked his wife and children. Sunny herself has since confirmed it and as she has proven, if Sunny had been sleeping with him, everyone would probably know by now. Maybe Triple H was karma for this.

10 Kenny Dykstra

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Back when Kenny Dykstra discovered the affair his ex fiancée Mickie James was having with the then-married John Cena, he didn’t waste any time tweeting about it for all to see. Much like a teenager probably would’ve done in the same situation in an attempt to slut shame those involved. Of course, this led to Cena’s wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, filing for divorce and Dykstra and James breaking up.

It wasn't all roses for Dykstra, as being a snitch didn’t send any good karma his way. He ended up being released by the WWE a second time this year (he was previously released in 2008 before all of the drama went down), while John Cena is still enjoying a long career that has spanned several different mediums, has reformed his womanizing ways (we think), and recently got engaged to Nikki Bella and is about to make his return to the WWE after a bit of a hiatus in order to film season two of “American Grit”.

9 Chyna

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The whole Triple H and Stephanie McMahon marriage storyline shook the wrestling world. If the drugged up marriage didn't do it, the possible date rape did. Or maybe it was when the plot twist revealed "sweet" Stephanie to have turned heel. The villain persona must have rubbed off on her and Triple H in real life, because soon after, Triple H had dumped Chyna, whom he was previously living with and had been dating for several years. Chyna, in turn, out-right accused to two of carrying on behind her back before Triple H broke things off. Loose lips sink ships though, but Chyna ended up sinking her own, since she was let go from the WWE not long after she outed them for their affair.

Stephanie and Triple H made it legal in 2003 and don’t appear to have looked back since.

8 The Great Khali

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Early in his WWE career, The Great Khali suffered a very painful knee injury that required surgery and came with a lot of crippling agony As it turns out, Randy Orton, who has been suspended several times for violating the company's wellness policy, gave him some pain pills to treat the pain from the ailment. If they had been Tylenol, it wouldn't have been so bad when Khali snitched, but these pills were so strong that Khali apparently couldn't feel his legs and even fell down at one point. So obviously Orton shouldn't have had those pills, much less been sharing them.

The Great Khali didn’t divulge this information until 2015, three years after Orton’s last violation, but the actual indiscretion in question came on the heels of Orton’s first failed wellness policy test, which landed him in suspended territory for a few weeks.

7 Batista

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Batista may not have cared about anyone knowing who he slept with while he was with his wife. Apparently it was many and the self-proclaimed “sex addict” was a busy little bee during his marriage. Unfortunately, Melina did care who knew, because she had been rumoured to be the reason his marriage fell apart and ended in divorce. Rumors even went so far as to say that she and Batista had been getting cozy while his wife was battling cancer.

She kept quiet, saying that she and Batista were nothing more than friends and that she had been loyal to her boyfriend John Morrison, but Batista did an interview and basically told the entire world that it was all true and they had been having an affair. She and Morrison broke up and Batista's wife divorced him. The two tried dating for a brief period, but it appeared as though the spark had been doused once they weren’t in relationships with other people.

6 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton isn’t exactly known for his shining personality, polite manners and tact so it didn’t come as much of a surprised when he outed Kelly Kelly for sleeping around the locker room during a radio interview he did in 2011. It was common knowledge that something had gone on between her and Chris Jericho by that point, but Orton opened the door to many, many more possibilities.

He later retracted his statement and issued an apology in an attempt to do some damage control, “I owe Kelly K an apology. The fact that she has dated a few guys I work with doesn’t make her a bad person, and is also none of my or anyone else’s business. Yesterday I got caught up in a live radio interview and brought Kelly’s personal life into it. It was completely uncalled for.” But once you out something out there, it’s out there.

5 Eddy Mansfield

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Perhaps the biggest snitch of them all is Eddy Mansfield. He was a professional wrestler, albeit with a bit of a minor role, in the Florida territory back in the 80s. He later turned into a source for 20/20 when they did an expose on professional wrestling and looked into whether it was real or not. Mansfield blew the lid off of everything and confirmed that it was not real and that it was all scripted. He even explained how some of the moves were performed and that they bladed to make it look like they had severe injuries. It doesn't get much worse than snitching on your entire group of brethren for being fake.

Mansfield was later completely blackballed for breaking kayfabe in the massive way that he did. Although it ended his wrestling career, Mansfield has said that he wouldn’t take back what he said and that a lot of the younger guys who fought their way to the top wouldn’t be making the kind of money that they do if it hadn’t been for him.

4 Missy Hyatt

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Missy Hyatt, the so-called First Lady of Wrestling saw just as much, if not more action outside of the ring than inside it. Like many others, she spent some time being the town bicycle of the locker room: almost everyone had a ride. Her flings were kept hush-hush at the time, since a lot of them were married. Unfortunately for them, she would go on to publish a book of her own, naming some names. According to her, Road Warrior Hawk, Sandman Sting were among her affairs. Pretty much anyone that she spent time managing.

In addition to that, she has also mentioned a few wrestlers who had performance issues and who had the best and worst "equipment". Those aren’t exactly the kinds of personal things people want to go public.

3 The Rock

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Randy Orton once did an interview with ESPN leading up to WrestleMania where he shared his thoughts on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's apparent upcoming return to the WWE after being away for seven years. Orton didn't buy it and made no bones about his beliefs and even called The Rock out for his tendency to go to management when he had issues with Orton instead of talking to him directly. This didn't sit well with The Rock, who apparently called the suits at the WWE up and said that Orton had trashed himself and Triple H. Although Triple H wasn’t mentioned, it was speculated that The Rock dropped his name in an effort to garner more interest. Orton was immediately shoved into Vince's doghouse after he found out that Orton was running his mouth.

The Rock actually did return to the WWE on a full-time basis, but has since dropped down to part-time, making sporadic appearances.

2 The Ultimate Warrior

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Hulk Hogan has made more enemies than friends throughout the years. One of his most notable enemies was The Ultimate Warrior. He saw Hogan as an arrogant, selfish man who couldn't see past himself and let anyone else have fame. He also said that Hogan got a sick pleasure from exposing other people’s dirty laundry and ratting them out. While Hogan's drug use isn't exactly a secret now, it was The Ultimate Warrior who stirred that pot enough for the the truth to be dug out when he accused Hogan of having a big drug problem during an interview.

Hogan denied the claims and called his accuser a friend and said that he was confused. Of course, Hogan’s ex-wife Linda has mentioned fearing for her life while Hogan was in a drug rage. Hogan and The Warrior were able to bury the hatchet before the latter’s passing in 2014.

1 Mauro Ranallo

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Mauro Ranallo has recently left the WWE and his commentator duties after having spent just two years at his former position at ringside. According to Ranallo, he is leaving due to apparent bullying from John Bradshaw Layfield, a fellow commentator and former professional wrestler. In the wake of Ranallo's allegations against JBL, fans have been calling for his dismissal. Some, like Booker T and Jerry Lawler, have jumped to JBL's defense and claimed that if anyone really knew JBL, they would get that he is a funny guy and not mean at all. Others though, like Justin Roberts, Matt Hardy and Matt Henry have come forward with their own accusations of bullying and hazing courtesy of none other than JBL from his time as a wrestler to his current job of commentator. The WWE isn’t expected to punish JBL over the accusations.

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