Someone Important Is Against Idea Of Banks v. Charlotte Main Eventing Hell In A Cell

WWE Hell In A Cell is taking place this Sunday and one of the big matches for the event is Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte. In fact, the match is such a big one that, Wrestling Observer Newsletter is saying that many people backstage want it to be the final match of the night on Sunday. However, the one person that really matters is supposedly against the idea. Vince McMahon!

Triple H and the creative team want it to be the last match of the night, but as of a couple days ago McMahon was still, according to the Newsletter, "digging his heel" on the matter which has led to some in fighting between each side.

The Observer Newsletter also quoted someone close to the situation who had this to say:

"And what everyone needs to understand is that there’s no one who understands the outside less than the man who makes all the decisions. We just have to find a respectful way to change his mind."

As of now it isn't looking good for Banks/Charlotte closing Hell In A Cell, but it is being said that Vince could still possibly be talked into it.

Either way, we will know in a couple days when we tune into the event.

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