Spilling The Beans: 15 Embarrassing Secrets Revealed About Wrestlers

Wrestlers are terrible at keeping secrets. In other words, wrestling journalists are excellent at making wrestlers reveal things one would normally never do. We’ve, thus, heard plenty of ridiculous stories with the advent of the internet. The following article discusses 15 such embarrassing secrets we’ve heard about in the recent times.

Numerous ‘secrets’ that sound embarrassing have been revealed by talents during shoot interviews; however, with some wrestlers’ penchant for making stuff up, most don’t make the cut. For instances, Sunny’s claiming Edge and Christian begged her to sleep with her, Ryback’s taking credit for every good thing WWE had done during his spell and Chyna’s accusing Triple H of assault don’t make the list, accordingly.

Additionally, we’ve made efforts to refrain from discussing secrets that most people know. Accordingly, John Cena’s affair with Kenny Dykstra’s girlfriend Mickie James, Sean Waltman’s emptying his bowels in Sunny’s Chinese food, Ric Flair’s tapping out to his partners in real life and Hulk Hogan’s love for claiming he slammed Andre the Giant in front of 10 billion people are excluded in favor of spicier secrets.

We’ve tried to include only the verified ones, but we still advise you to take some of the revelations with a pinch of salt.

If you think I’ve missed out on mentioning more embarrassing stories or secrets about the wrestlers I’ve discussed, you could use the comments’ section to do the needful. Without further ado, let’s dive into the secret that only Vince McMahon and Tom Philips thinks is a secret.

15 The Tomspiracy

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One simply never fails to mention Tomspiracy when penning a piece on embarrassing wrestling secrets. Tom Philips, a six-foot gentleman, towers over a most of the in-ring talents, and the WWE producers, instead of making a different persons do backstage interviews, have instructed him to split when he interviews shorter wrestlers. Sometimes, it’s mandatory for they’d never want their top-tier talents look a kid near an interviewer, who, in kayfabe, is weaker than a referee. However, a few segments bear testimony to WWE’s insistence on insulting the fans’ intelligence. Neville, who stands at 5-foot-7, was once made to look a giant near him much before his transformation into The King of Cruiserweights.

Other notable mentions include Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose and Becky Lynch. WWE might not have made public their ridiculous attempts at making their talents look credible, but, with many fans calling WWE out, they have chosen to mention the split on WWE App and UpUpDownDown.

14 Shawn Michaels being roughed up

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Every reader ought to be aware of Shawn Michaels’ backstage antics during The Kliq’s prime. He often got on the nerves of even helpless behemoths such as Vader and Viscera. One lesser known tag team in The Harris Brothers, however, managed to beat him up in his buddies’ absence. On their final day of their WWE contracts, Ronald Harris apparently watched the door as Donald Harris grabbed his throat and held him against the wall until he was reduced to tears. Thanks to their friendship with Kevin Nash and their leaving WWE, they went unpunished though; they denied themselves of the opportunity to return to WWE.

Even the highly-respected wrestling news outlet Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed the authenticity of this incident. HBK would have loved to cry without anyone knowing about the incident, definitely.

13 Ric Flair’s jet flyin’

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Where does one start? Ric Flair has been embroiled in a flurry of incidents he now wishes no one ever knew about. He’s been involved in numerous domestic assault cases. He’s had to pay bar tabs when his credit card wouldn’t work. He’s come inebriated for formal meetings. However, nothing comes close to his being a nuisance to the Plane Ride from Hell flight attendants. With wrestlers picking fights amongst themselves, the Nature Boy went the extra mile as he sexually harassed the flight attendants. Wearing nothing but his jewelled robe, he flashed two female workers, spinning his penis around. They even filed a lawsuit against him, stating he, who was in his 60s, forcibly made them touch his crotch. He denied the allegations, though; WWE were forced to settle out of court with the plaintiffs.

12 Stephanie McMahon’s alleged relationship

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon now come across as the most powerful couple in sports entertainment today. However, he was never her first wrestler boyfriend. According to the grapevine, her 17-year-old self was embroiled in a casual relationship with then-42-year-old Randy Savage. Vince McMahon’s business decisions added fuel to the fire as he never hired him back after his release in 1994. WWE also subtly mentioned the rumour on their documentary The Randy Savage Story as they attempted to woo the smart marks.

Respected combat sports journalist Dave Meltzer even touched upon the well-known rumour, stating many WWE employees, including those atop the food chain have verified the authenticity of the rumour. Everyone does a crazy thing or two in their teenage they’d never want anyone to know, and The Queen isn’t an exception.

11 Brian Pillman living the gimmick

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Brian Pillman came across as an Owen Hart-esque pain in the butt during his wrestling years. During his WWE run, he managed to take a 18-inch s***. Not many find that an achievement that other people should have a look at, but The Loose Cannon did. He ensured nobody flushed it as he made a WWE referee guard it; he then proceeded to bring his peers so he could to show off the masterpiece he had curated. Jim Ross, in the aptly-titled Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon documentary, explained the incident like only he could. The Hall of Fame commentator said: "He had gone to the bathroom and taken meticulous effort to have a bowel movement uninterrupted, cause he knew something special was happening." Any other industry would have ensured this remained a secret, but it’s professional wrestling we’re talking about.

10 Scott Hall on what he'd like to do to Paige

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In recent times, no one has had their private stuff leaked as much as Paige has had. She saw her racy pictures leaked online but, while that’s not uncommon these days, a video featuring her alongside Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox sparked a lot of controversy. Fans, who can’t respect others' privacy, mocked the trio online though the UpUpDownDown host hasn’t had his position rattled. She seems to have made her mind to never let the leaked content bring her spirits down as she continues to spend quality time with her soon-to-be-husband Alberto El Patron.

Given her carefree lifestyle, though, one would never be surprised to see pictures of her with Scott Hall, who claims to be open to offering her a sexual act, leaked in the future.

9 The JBL Saga

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Standing at 6-foot-6, John Layfield cuts an intimidating figure. Given his position, he gets away with a lot of stuff that normally gets someone behind the bars. He’s molested wrestlers, poked fun at vulnerable colleagues and hurt opponents deliberately, without ever being punished for his antics. By the looks of things, he prides himself on being a jerk. One incident he would have hoped no one ever knew ought to be Joey Styles’ response to his antics. JBL being his usual self, roughed him up, spilling a drink on him on purpose.

The former ECW announcer had enough of him when a drunk JBL began harassing him during an Iraq tour. In response, he launched a stiff punch that laid the former WWE Champion out, blackening his eye in the process. JBL uncharacteristically acted low-key in the next WWE event, but he’d resume being a jerk shortly afterwards.

8 The Undertaker’s worst nightmare

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We’ve seen The Boogeyman, Papa Shango and Abyss have varying degrees of success portraying spooky wrestlers, but none come close to the legacy The Undertaker has built. With kayfabe now non-existent, he comes across as a legitimate badass people are desperate to see, even after his humbling loss to Roman Reigns in his yard. There’s a side of The Deadman that not many fans are aware of. The 6-foot-10 juggernaut is, as stated by Paul Bearer, Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard, is terrified of cucumbers.

Owen Hart, who ribbed like no one else, cashed in on his inexplicable fear; he often put cucumber slices in his boots, hat and even drinks. To think a harmless vegetable is the kryptonite to a person who boasts the power to command thunder, lightning and light.

7 John Cena's 'Conquests'

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Staying faithful on the road is as possible as Curt Hawkins scoring a clean victory over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. John Cena is no exception. In a 2006 interview with Howard Stern, the then-up-and-coming superstar even getting it on with six ring rats and two strippers on two different nights. His damnedest confession, however, revolved around a 280-pound bird. He often announces that he never back downs from any challenge; wrestlers backstage decided to test his honesty when they challenged him to get it on with a fat woman. He duly did so before stating on national television that he embraced the experience. A kids’ hero revealing his sexual escapades, thanks to the wrestling message boards being not as popular as they’re today, escaped widespread criticism.

6 Y2J’s beating the clock

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Not everyone manages to be as good as AJ Styles is at wrestling on bed at their first attempts at anything. Even a multi-talented Chris Jericho failed at something significant in his first outing. Y2J lost his virginity to a ‘smoking hot’ Modesto model named Raquel; while that seems a wonderful achievement on paper, how he did that left him embarrassed, apparently.

The man himself revealed in his book A Lion's Tale - Around the World in Spandex that he lasted only 20 seconds, with Raquel giggling and patting his shoulder at the end of the ritual. Any other man would have taken this incident to his grave, but Y2J had other ideas as he made it one of the funniest part in his best-selling book.

5 Final nail in the coffin

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With wrestlers trying to make ends meet by partaking in Meet and Greets and flogging 8x10s, Hulk Hogan remains one of the handful of elderly wrestlers to still eke out a living without having to take the usual route. However, Gawker’s releasing his sex tape he never knew he made with his buddy Bubba the Love Sponge Clem's wife drew the curtain upon his chances of making WWE money. While the company seems ready to employ those whose private content leaks, they couldn’t afford to keep racists on the roster.

The Hulkster can be heard calling black people the n-word more than once in that clip. He said, “I am a racist, to a point, f***g n***ers. I guess we’re all a little racist. F***ing n****r.” It’s safe to assume he couldn’t be as prominent as he was after the leak.

4 Sunny’s shower

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Sunny, even when she hadn’t aged and hadn’t begun spewing out gibberish during interviews, didn’t seem to have made as many friends as her number of sexual partners. On an episode of Raw, Henry Godwinn was scheduled to slop her; he told everyone backstage he was going to slop her that night, knowing exactly how his peers would react. They didn’t disappoint, with the bucket being full in no time; it’s been murmured that Scott Hall and Sean Waltman were the major contributors.

Wrestlers are known to do a lot of nasty things backstage, but nastiness always assumes a whole new meaning when Sunny is involved as we’ve also heard verified nasty stories, including one that features X-Pac defecating in Sunny’s Chinese food. Given what has happened since her WWE exit, it’s safe to say she hasn’t been able to keep any secret.

3 Vince Russo’s booking his fate

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If Vince McMahon’s purchasing WCW ended one thing other than Mondy Night War, it was Vince Russo’s career. A once-sought-after booker became irrelevant as he has been on a job hunt ever since. He’s had numerous minor gigs, however, thanks to the contacts he had made during his prime. One such contact in Impact Wrestling got him a job, keeping broadcast partner Spike in the dark about his arrival. The former WCW and WWE booker, however, committed a howler when he accidentally sent an email that was meant to be for Mike Tenay to wrestling journalist Mike Johnson.

His being hired by Impact Wrestling as a consultant secretly, thus, became public, curtailing the promotion’s chances of renewing their deal with Spike. He has remained low-key - against his wishes – since with his recent claim to fame coming in the form of a war-of-words with Jim Cornette.

2 Seth Rollins’ desperate measures

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We discussed how making ends meet as a former professional wrestler isn’t very easy. Making ends meet as a budding wrestler is equally difficult. We’ve heard stories of wrestlers wrestling for buttons or burgers. Seth Rollins, a millionaire, is no exception as he used to perform in ‘mock’ wrestling matches that catered to gay audiences. Wrestlers generally wear tight, skimpy, skin-colored outfit performing – or inventing – moves that look racy. He’s not the only wrestler to have done that; he wasn’t the last wrestler to do that, either as performing for such promotions inflict less damage on one’s body besides helping them make more money than wrestling a normal match would do.

Given his achievements, up-and-coming wrestlers who are finding themselves in such promotions need not feel remorseful or defeated.

1 Kevin Owens’ toys

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As kids, we all had wrestling action figures, and wrestlers themselves are no exception. Life-long wrestling fan Kevin Owens once had wrestlers’ music queued up and, when it’s Steve Austin action figure’s turn to make his entrance, he realized the glass breaking wasn’t loud enough. To make his entrance as dramatic as it ought to be, he threw a mug at the ceiling; however, the mug remained lodged in the wall. His father didn’t yell at him though he looked as though he could go back in time to prevent pregnancy.

It’s a pretty common occurrence in every kid’s life. However, he wasn’t a kid then, for he was already 17 years old then. To put things into perspective, he was already wrestling for a year when this incident happened.

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