Split Personalities: 15 Wrestlers Who Are NOTHING Like Their Character In Real Life

Many of the WWE Universe choose to forget the fact that many of the Superstars that are seen on WWE TV are actually portraying a role.

Seth Rollins received death threats after he broke up The Shield because some fans can't understand the difference between reality and what is seen on WWE TV. The same with Renee Young and Dean Ambrose: they received death threats when they came out as a couple because many of Dean Ambrose's fans found it hard to accept that their favorite wrestler was in a relationship with someone that wasn't them.

There is a big difference between what is seen on TV and what is hidden behind closed doors. Many wrestlers say that they prefer to portray a character that is them but with their personality turned up to a hundred.

Many Superstars are not like that at all and instead, they are stuck playing a character that is completely different from who they really are in their personal life. The following is a list of 15 WWE superstars who are completely different to the characters they portray on WWE TV.


15 Nia Jax

Nia Jax is being built as one of the most dominant female wrestlers in WWE history right now and she is doing quite well when it comes to portraying the monster that WWE wants her to be. Nia is one of The Rock's cousins and it is thought that this is how she has managed to climb through WWE so fast. But outside of the company, she is nothing like the character she portrays.

Nia is very close to her mother and The Rock's mother. She is also close friends with Alexa Bliss and was forced to gain weight throughout her time in WWE to become the dominating presence that she has become. Nia has proved that she is an inspiration to women when it comes to accepting the body that they have been given and continues to be a fantastic role model to the younger generation.

14 TJ Perkins

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TJ Perkins or TJP as he has now become known on WWE TV has recently turned heel and now comes across as a cocky star who's much more confident than he probably should be. Perkins old character as a fun-loving face was perhaps closer to his actual person than his new character as seen from his Social Media accounts.

Perkins seems like lovely guy outside of WWE with his updates of spending time with his best friend Mark Andrews and his two pet pigs. Perkins seemingly loves his pets like many families love dogs and cats and updates some of the cutest things on Instagram when it comes to his cute little pigs who are called Pugsley and Cupcake. TJ also used to do shoutouts to his fans on Instagram as well, which is something his character change has prevented him from doing lately.

13 Stephanie McMahon

One of the shareholders of WWE has played The Billion Dollar Princess so well on WWE TV over the past few years, she is a definite heel character who knows how to play the audience and bend them to her will. This comes from many years of being on WWE TV and obviously playing this kind of character, but this is just a character when it comes to Stephanie herself.

Outside of WWE Steph is a loving mother and wife and she is a woman who stands up for women's rights and is always looking for ways to involve herself in charity work. Stephanie was one of the people who helped to set up Conor's Cure and continues to help women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

12 Tamina


Tamina has recently been brought over to SmackDown Live after having a lengthy period of time away from wrestling as she recovered from injury and had personal time following her father's passing. Tamina has always portrayed a dominant figure on WWE TV and someone that you would not want to mess with.

Outside of WWE, Tamina has been seen on Total Divas episodes where she has shown that she is actually completely different. Tamina is the mother of two young children and wants to set a good example for her children. Her size and ability allows her to play a much better heel than a face, and this is the only reason she's good at playing the character because, in reality, Tamina is actually a fantastic mother and role model for her children.

11 Luke Harper


It's quite obvious that Luke Harper is going to be a completely different character to the one he plays on WWE TV. Since he left The Wyatt Family he has started talking properly and he may finally be beginning to play a relatable character.

Luke is not a person who often breaks kayfabe, doesn't have an Instagram account, and is always in character when it comes to his Twitter. Despite this, it is reported that backstage Luke is an approachable guy who is also a dedicated family man when it comes to his son Brodie (who was named after Harper's name on the Indy Circuit). Luke keeps his personal life private and probably enjoys the fact that he is so creepy on TV that he isn't approached by fans as much as other stars.

10 Finn Balor

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It would be hard for Finn to play a heel on WWE TV since he is so well liked by the WWE Universe right now and has been on a decent run since his return from injury back in April.

Despite this, there are conflicting stories about Finn when it comes to his time in Japan. The thing that the WWE Universe loves Finn Balor for is actually the part of his character that isn't really him. Finn is a lovely man, and he does love his fans. But outside of WWE, he is a quiet man who likes to sit alone and play with his Lego. Years ago when he was first starting out in Japan, he was a very different man and his best friends Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are happy to share the stories about him whenever they can.

9 Dean Ambrose

There was once speculation that Dean Ambrose is basically playing a version of himself on WWE TV because he is legitimately a bit crazy and that he plays the character so well that it has to be a part of him.

The parts on Total Divas where Dean has been seen show that this isn't actually true. Dean comes across as the sensible one in his relationship with Renee Young and he is often the one who is telling her not to do stupid things. He is also a grounded man who is happy with the way he is, there were scenes where Renee tried to change him and it didn't exactly go down very well. So there you have it, Dean isn't really a lunatic, who knew?


8 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins has recently made a turn over to the good side on WWE TV. But let's be honest, he isn't exactly a good guy in real life is he? While Rollins deserves everything he has achieved in WWE because of his hard work and undeniable talent when it comes to his life outside of WWE it seems that Rollins isn't a good guy at all.

Rollins scandal of 2015 and subsequent break-up with his fiance of five years proved this, plus the fact that there are reports that Rollins often doesn't like talking to fans and recently tweeted about them hanging out and waiting to meet him at airports. Maybe Rollins is a star who is able to fake being a nice guy much better than he can actually be one.

7 Bray Wyatt


Recent reports about Bray Wyatt prove that the man that is seen on WWE TV talking into a mic like he's a God and being able to command an audience like no one has ever been able to before him, isn't actually the real him. It was obvious that Bray was playing something close to some kind of character because it would be strange if he was like that in reality, but a cheater and a liar was not that the WWE Universe were expecting.

Bray and JoJo's Offerman affair was apparently going on from 2015 and it is only now that his wife has made it public that he has been cheating on her and decided to leave her and his children for the WWE ring announcer. Bray has been portrayed as the loving father outside of the company for the entire time before, but now this has put something of a mark on how he is seen by the WWE Universe outside of the company.

6 Samoa Joe


Samoa Joe is The Destroyer and a beast in WWE who has just decided to target Paul Heyman ahead of his showdown with Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. While him one of the most dominant stars in WWE, he isn't actually like that outside of the company.

Samoa Joe has been married to Jessica since 2007 and is a completely different person when it comes to his life with his wife. Joe is a guy who will help anyone up and coming in the company and is an expert when it comes to wrestling. Joe doesn't mind training up and coming stars and was once part of TNA British Bootcamp when he was still part of TNA and seen as one of their biggest stars. Joe may be good at playing a bad guy, but in reality, he isn't all that bad at all.

5 Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks is a former three-time Raw Women's Champion and someone who has been taken in by the WWE Universe ever since she made her main roster debut a few years ago. Even though Sasha is considered to be an internet darling and is loved by the WWE Universe, it seems that she doesn't love them quite as much.

Sasha has been known to be quite rude to her fans when they have tried to meet and talk to her outside of WWE and is also said to be quite an entitled person. Sasha looks like a nice girl and comes across friendly with other stars in WWE but she's a completely different person when she isn't around WWE friends, which is sad because she has quite a bright career ahead of her and she will need her fans.

4 Baron Corbin

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Baron Corbin has a great WWE gimmick that is very close to who he is in real life with the whole biker character because he is a lover of motorbikes and actually rides one himself. Outside of WWE Baron isn't as cocky as he is on WWE TV. Instead, he comes across as a down to earth guy as a former footballer, he is used to life in the spotlight.

He is a lover of spending the night in with his girlfriend and watching horror movies, something that he has been quite outspoken about. He refuses to allow the fame to go to his head and despite climbing the ranks in WWE, he seemingly wants to remain the person he was before he signed with the company, which is admirable.

3 Charlotte

Charlotte is a star that is hard to put into any kind of box at the moment. As a heel, she took over WWE and now she is seemingly a tweener as she attempts to ground the women of SmackDown and show them who the real Queen is. Charlotte is not like this outside of WWE. Instead, it is said that she is actually a lovely person to hang around with and get to know.

Despite coming from a famous wrestling family much like Natalya, Charlotte doesn't think the WWE Universe or WWE actually owe her anything and always works hard for what she has. She is trying to create her own legacy away from her father and she realizes that in order to do that she has to treat other people the way she wishes to be treated.

2 Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens is hardly even considered to be a heel anymore because he is such a cocky star and so fast with comebacks that it is hard for the WWE Universe to actually hate him. He is the same on Social Media as well, but that is just Owens remaining in character, that isn't the way he actually is.

In reality, Owens is a guy who is still as in love with his wife as he was the day they married. He is a dedicated father and there is nothing that he won't do for his son Owen who is his biggest fan and his daughter Elodie. Owens is a seasoned wrestler and he knows how to handle the WWE Universe and that is why he is allowed to do the things he does on Twitter. It seems that only his family are allowed to see his soft side.

1 Braun Strowman

There isn't a much more stark contrast than the one between Braun Strowman on WWE TV and the way he actually is outside of  the company. Strowman plays a monster and is obviously being built up as the next person to face Brock Lesnar in the coming months, but Braun isn't actually the monster that he is being built into.

Braun gets on really well with the women in WWE and Alicia Fox recently mentioned how much fun he is to be around. Braun also has a Tinder account and is good friends with Roman Reigns, who he will face at Great Balls Of Fire in an Ambulance match. Braun is said to be closer to the fun guy he was seen being as part of Adam Rose's Rosebuds a few years ago rather than this new scary character.


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