[Spoiler] Former Champion To Possibly Return On Raw

It is being reported by PWInsider that the time has finally come for former WWE Divas champion Paige to make her return to the WWE. While earlier plans had been for her to return to SmackDown Live, this report is saying that Paige will be returning as part of the Raw brand.

That makes sense given that she was actually drafter to Raw back in 2016 when the brand split happened. Although, you could be forgiven for not remembering that Paige never actually wrestled for Raw – or any brand for that matter – due to an injury.

If she does come back on Monday night it will be her first time in a WWE ring since the summer of 2016. Back then she was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy and then she had her neck surgery which ended up keeping her out even longer.


Although, while wrestling fans haven’t seen her in a ring in over a year, we sure have seen a lot of her outside the squared circle in that time. First there were the leaked photos and the video of her, Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox doing some very “adult” things.

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Of course, there has also been her volatile relationship with former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio that has kept TMZ and Twitter pretty busy over the last 12 months. Though that relationship looks like it finally might be over if this recent Snapchat post is to be believed.

There is no specific information as to exactly how Paige will return. But it seems like, based on the report’s sources, that the current thought is that she will become part of the women’s Team Raw at Survivor Series which could play out in a few ways.

Bayley, Mickie James and Dana Brooke currently have a 3-way match setup for Raw this week with the winner getting the fifth spot at Survivor Series. So, maybe Paige somehow gets injected into that match and it becomes a fatal four-way for the fifth spot. Or maybe they have a different story planned and Paige ends up taking one of the other four spots and someone else gets kicked off the team.

With all the speculation over the last year as to if and when Paige would be making her return, it will be great to finally have her back. She can finally get focused again and fulfill all the potential that everyone saw in her when she won the inaugural NXT Women’s Championship and then went on to become the youngest ever Divas Champion (21) in her first WWE match.


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