10 New Stables We Want Formed In WWE (And 10 That Should Make A Comeback)

It might be due to the fact that Survivor Series is looming but it seems as though McMahon is starting to warm up to factions as of late. For whatever reason, McMahon isn’t all that high on factions, managers and tag teams – ironically those three components propelled the WWE against WCW.

Vince might be feeling a little different these days. With Ambrose returning, McMahon instantly reunited The Shield. It also led to another faction forming featuring Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. In the recent weeks, we have also seen other changes such as Drake Maverick getting added to the Authors of Pain act. Heck McMahon also gave us a new Tag Team featuring Gable and Roode. Perhaps we’ll see this trend continue and, if speculation holds, true it just might. According to various dirt-sheets, the UFC’s Four Horsewomen might band together sooner rather than later. An NXT invasion is also being planned for the future. For now, we’ll enjoy the team element at the upcoming War Games along with Survivor Series.

We pay our respects to some of the great factions and 10 that should make a return. Some returns might feature the same wrestlers, while others have a modern day twist. We’ll also discuss 10 new stables we want formed. This includes both WWE stars and talents outside of the company as well. Enjoy the article folks and, like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

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20 New Stable - The Elite With John Cena

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Let’s get this one out of the way early on. Perhaps the stable fans most want to see in a WWE ring is The Elite featuring Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. It seems like forever now that the trio has been linked to a WWE deal. Jim Ross himself recently added fuel to the fire making the claim that it is only a matter of time.

This can be the closest faction of outsiders to join a major pro wrestling company since well, the nWo. Now just imagine the scenario of John Cena being the one behind the idea similar to Hulk Hogan back in the nWo’s origins with WCW. If WWE wants ratings with Fox next year, this potential faction debuting in the WWE can do the trick.

19 Return – LWO (Rey Mysterio, Cien Almas, Pentagon Jr., Fenix & Zelina Vega)

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“I’m waiting for them [WWE] to say, ‘now,’ and ‘the time is right.’ Then let’s go.”

This is a recent quote made by Rey Mysterio. His return is inevitable at this point especially due to the fact that he’s a playable character in the 2K video game. However in the event that WWE would throw us a curve ball, how great would it be to see Mysterio as the leader of a heel LWO faction.

The group can feature masked Mexican wrestlers such Pentagon Jr. and Fenix, as both Mexican stars are rumored to join the WWE. Creatively the company can also put a mask back on Cien Almas in order to conform with his group’s identity. If WWE wants to branch out to the Mexican market, this can be the ideal way to go while finally making up for the Mexicools!

18 New Stable – The Balor Club (Finn Balor, Rezar & Akam)

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No disrespect to Drake Maverick, but we envision both Rezar and Akam fairing a lot better under the guidance of Finn Balor. Finn’s current WWE run isn't the worst, but it's just that it seems to be a little too predictable at the moment. Although he is known for that million dollar smile, what lots of fans don’t realize is that Finn plays the role of a heel arguably better than a babyface. Just look at his work with the Bullet Club prior to the WWE if you need further justification.

Having Akam and Rezar by his side can allow Balor to regain that mean streak. He would instantly skyrocket among the great heels in the company. It would also do wonders for both Rezar and Akam, who seem to be lost in the shuffle.

17 Return - Evolution (Randy Orton, EC3, Adam Cole & Tessa Blanchard)

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Evolution has to be one of the most underrated factions ever created. The formula was brilliant. It included a veteran, a current top star. along with two up-and-comers. The goal of the faction was to elevate Orton and Batista into mammoths stars and that’s exactly what the faction did.

Nearing his 40s, it’s is now time for Orton to return the favor and play the role of Triple H as the leader of the group. We can’t think of better names to join than NXT stars EC3 and Adam Cole. Both look like future World Champions. It would also be quite the twist for a female to join the group. Given her talent level, Tessa Blanchard won’t need NXT. Instead bring up and have her join the faction.

16 New Stable - The Ambrose Asylum (Dean Ambrose, Tommaso Ciampa & Lars Sullivan)

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How great would it be for Dean Ambrose to not only turn on his Shield brothers, but start up a new brotherhood at the same time? Not only would this cause some major heat for Dean, but it can also introduce a couple of new characters from NXT.

Dean’s going to need deranged personas to conform with the Asylum. We can’t think of anyone better than the dastardly heel NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa. They’ll need some protection – a classic stable component is the role of an enforcer. Enter Lars Sullivan. This can be a tremendous trio given their personas and skills.

15 Return - Nexus (NXT Roster)

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The Nexus has to go down as one of the best stables of the 2000s. The plan was perfectly executed and the greatest part of the faction is that it promoted new stars. No matter what the faction this needs to be an element and crucial point.

We might see a similar rendition according to the recent rumors. Perhaps in 2019 we might see NXT invade the WWE’s main rosters. This is an idea most wouldn’t mind-seeing. Again the best part about this would be not only introducing new characters, but also pushing some of the NXT stars. If NXT does join FS1, look for this to take shape while WWE airs on Fox with SmackDown. It’ll give the brand some added exposure while creating hype for the possible Fox Sports gig.

14 New Stable - Fade To Black (Aleister Black, Nikki Cross & Bray Wyatt)

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Some wrestlers just work better in a stable. Looking back at Bray Wyatt’s run as the leader of The Wyatt Family, there is no doubt he was enjoying the prime of his career. Without his band of brothers, Wyatt struggled and that was rather apparent with his lackluster WWE Title run.

In order to make Wyatt great again, this can be the perfect stable with an ideal ensemble put together. Wyatt plays the role as the veteran while Black gets pushed as the future star, taking notes from Wyatt along the way. Cross would also shine due to her outrageous persona. It can all lead to a monumental bout between the sable members (Wyatt and Black) down the line.

13 Return - Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Jason Jordan & Chad Gable)

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Without a doubt, both Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable would accept this stable with open arms. Benjamin seems to be MIA from programming while Gable was recently included in another tag team alongside Bobby Roode – one that in truth has no meaning or connection whatsoever.

With Kurt Angle’s in-ring return looming, it would be something to see the band back together. However instead of Charlie Haas, Chad Gable and, provided he’s healthy enough, Jason Jordan join the group. Given the talent level of all these men, this is an idea few fans won’t want to see. Sadly if it is to take place, Benjamin might be the odd man out since he’s on SmackDown... Trade for him Kurt!

12 New Stable - Undisputed Era

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Although Undisputed Era continues to work wonders in NXT, the faction is long overdue for a main roster call up at this point. The group has so much talent from top to bottom. Whether they debut on Raw or SmackDown, it won’t make much of a difference – however who wouldn’t want to see Undisputed Era and The Shield matchup together?

It can also lead to a championship storyline featuring Cole and Roman Reigns – a match we all want to see. Roman needs new opponents, so this is definitely a possible scenario and a new faction we might see sooner rather than later.

11 Return - The Broken Universe

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Matt’s Woken run hasn’t gone according to plan with the WWE. He’s currently on the sidelines, working a producer role due to an injury he recently suffered. The thing with Matt is he doesn’t even need to be competing – the Broken Universe alone is enough to leave the WWE Universe entertained.

So while he’s recovering, why not introduce the Broken Universe with various vignettes. Who doesn’t want to see characters like Senor Benjamin, Vanguard-1, King Maxel, Skarsgard, Lord Wolfgang and, of course, Queen Rebecca! This faction doesn’t need to step foot in the ring to gain any type of success. With a three-hour show, surely Vince can find time to air these spots as opposed to airing 50 minutes of recap segments per show....

10 New Stable - Heyman’s Hustle (Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura & Luke Harper)

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With Brock Lesnar gone, it is time for Paul Heyman to move on. According to recent speculation, WWE wants Heyman to stick around. He’ll need a new client and recent rumors speculate that Kevin Owens might be the one. However, with his recent return, that no longer seems likely.

So instead of choosing one client, why not head over to SmackDown and create an agency called Heyman’s Hustle. It can feature SmackDown’s top heels such as Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura and Luke Harper. It can elevate all the men involved, while creating a dominant faction for the Tuesday program.

9 Return - Hart Foundation (Natalya, Tyler Breeze, Bobby Roode & Tye Dillinger)

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As an homage to her late father, how great would it be to see Natalya revive the Hart Foundation? The beauty of such a group is it can help the careers of several struggling Canadian WWE stars. Frustrated with their usage, the characters can turn their backs on the fans while ripping the US audiences.

It can finally give Tyler Breeze and Tye Dillinger something positive and different to work with. It can also allow Bobby Roode to put his main roster failures in the past while captaining the group. Such a faction can elevate Roode to the upper card – a role most fans saw him in prior to his main roster call up.

8 New Stable - UK Invasion (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven & Toni Storm)

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Triple H is definitely smiling at this idea. Perhaps William Regal can become the mastermind behind this dynamic team? We can also see these four starting together as a group in NXT and later taking their dominance to either of the main rosters.

Bate, Dunne and Storm are all destined for great things in the future. Fans can argue that Dunne and Storm have the potential to be major WWE Title holders one day. This faction can get them started in that direction while Trent Seven serves as a veteran figure for the team. Bate is another member that can make the most of this chance given his ridiculous potential.

7 Return - 3MB

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Heath Slater is definitely screaming out for this reunion given his current usage. We can argue that Jinder feels the same way these days with a lack of direction for his character as well.

Both Slater and Mahal might be envious of Strowman and Ziggler, as their new faction has dominated Raw the last couple of weeks. It remains to be seen how long this group stays together – however we can all agree it’s a step up from McIntyre’s 3MB days. However for nostalgia purposes alone it would be great to see Drew reunite with his stablemates. If WWE ever decided to turn McIntyre back to a face, perhaps rejoining this group can speed up the process.

6 New Stable - UFC’s Four Horsewomen

According to recent rumots, WWE fully plans on introducing the UFC’s Four Horsewomen down the line. A certain faction warfare match is also rumored for Survivor Series but it might be a little too premature at the moment considering Duke and Shafir are both just getting started with NXT.

In a couple of months, look for this faction to take shape. We expect Baszler and Rousey to be at the top of the group with Shafir and Duke serving as the enforcers. It’ll be near impossible to turn Rousey heel. So instead it might be possible for the band to eventually turn on Rousey. However, they’ll enjoy a lengthy run together before that’s even considered.

5 Return - The Original Four Horsewomen

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Perhaps the most chilling moment in WWE history took place at the TakeOver Brooklyn event following Bayley and Sasha’s epic in-ring display. Not only is the match remembered as the greatest in women’s history, but it is also among the top matches of all-time both male and female.

The match ended with all Four Horsewomen putting up the sign and shedding some emotional tears. We really haven’t seen them together since that iconic moment. It’ll be quite the reaction once they finally reunite and battle the UFC’s alternate version.

4 New Stable - The Dream Team (Velveteen Dream, Goldust & Laurel Van Ness)

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Velveteen Dream is going to be something real special. However, before that takes place, it is more than likely that WWE is going to take their time with his development on the main roster given he’s still in his early 20s. Knowing Vince, Dream is likely to work alongside a veteran early on. We can’t think of a better candidate than Goldust, as both have wacky personas. Indie talent Laurel Van Ness can definitely join in on the wackiness given her persona as well. Talk about a debut for Chelsea? Sorry Zack.

The stable can have the perfect resolution with Dream turning on Goldust. It can all conclude with a passing of the torch type of moment as Dream sends The Golden One packing after beating him in a match with the stipulation that Goldust must retire.

3 Return - nWo

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This one is for nostalgia purposes. Recreating the nWo with new talent is just foolish. As we’ve seen in the past, it just doesn’t work, even if you include the likes of Shawn Michaels in the group.

Instead, it would be a great way to celebrate the faction’s legacy while reintroducing Hulk Hogan to the WWE Universe. It might be the wisest decision to have Hulk return with his stablemates as opposed to making a comeback alone. It would remove lots of pressure from both the WWE and Hulk himself.

2 New Stable – The Samoan Brotherhood (Roman Reigns & The Usos)

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In a perfect world, this faction might also feature The Rock. However, even for fantasy purposes, it might be a little too far-fetched to include Johnson in weekly WWE programming. Let’s be honest here, the guy is a little busy these days...

In truth, with or without The Rock, this would be a tremendous group. We got a glimpse of the three together in the past, but it would be a total other ball game as an actual faction comprised of heel personas. It can give both Roman and The Usos a completely different direction.

1 Return – The Corporation (Stephanie McMahon & Roman Reigns)

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This would rock the WWE. Heck the stable of The Usos and Roman can join The Corporation and remake that faction altogether. It would make quite the group alongside Stephanie McMahon as the mastermind. We assume Triple H might be a little too busy with other projects at this point to take on a permanent on-screen role.

This can give Roman an entirely different road and one similar to The Rock back in his Corporation days. A heel turn might work for the best and it can result in Roman turning and becoming even more popular as a babyface eventually.

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