Starrcast Promoter Conrad Thompson Says CM Punk To AEW Is Still Possible

Conrad Thompson has opened up on his thoughts regarding CM Punk possibly returning to wrestling.

Thompson, who hosts popular event Starrcast, is presumably one of the persons close enough to Punk to have a solid opinion on the former Straight-Edge Superstar's future, having worked with him this year.

It appears that the door is closed on a move to AEW at the moment, especially when one takes into consideration that Punk called the company out for making him an offer via text. Cody Rhodes has since denied this, revealing there was an in-person meeting at a coffee shop and accusing the erstwhile wrestler and UFC fighter of making AEW "look like dumbasses."

Thompson, who's promoting Starrcast IV at Maryland this weekend (where Full Gear is being held), told the WINCLY podcast he thinks a deal is still possible.

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"I don’t think there’s any real finality with AEW," he said. "They didn’t cut a deal right away but for that matter neither did Tony Schiavone and other talents. A lot of times we as fans speak with finality and this is a never say never type of deal. I don’t think it’s a ‘no’ but rather a ‘not yet.’ I haven’t really talked to him about it and I don’t care; I want him to be happy and do what he wants to do. But at one point we said, ‘CM Punk will never be back in WWE.’ But now it’s a conversation again.

"Maybe when all of these movie premieres are done and behind him and he’s looking around for his next project and the right offer comes along, I think he will do it. We’ve got enough hints that he’s not totally opposed to the idea. It’s just got to be the right deal and I don’t think he’s been offered the right deal at the right time yet. And timing is everything."

Keeping It Close To The Chest

CM Punk's future has been shrouded in mystery for quite a while now. Chris Jericho only recently claimed that AEW is done signing new talent but we imagine they'd jump at the chance to sign him if they knew it was possible.

The 41-year-old hasn't been very forthcoming either, but where's the fun in that, right?

Source: WINCLY podcast (h/t Rajah.com)

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