5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

When someone says WWE superstar Undertaker buried another wrestler, it takes on two different meanings depending on the circumstance. For one thing, Undertaker is the master of the Buried Alive matches. He has literally buried several wrestlers over his career, as well as found himself buried as well. However, in this case, buried has a different meaning.

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When one wrestler buries another wrestler, it means that a superstar who is over beats an up-and-coming star so bad, the person's career falters after the match. There are also cases where a wrestler who is heating up with the fans loses to a bigger star, and then their own popularity falters, and their push dies out. Here are five wrestlers that Undertaker buried and five more that he helped make stars.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

The most obvious star Undertaker buried was Muhammad Hassan, and that was something that UPN forced WWE to do in 2005. At first, Hassan was a brilliant character. He was an American of Arabian descent and claimed prejudice by people stereotyping him because of his ancestry. It was interesting because he was an American citizen in an angle that called out racial discrimination.

Sadly, WWE chose to turn Hasaan into a terrorist stereotype, ruining the gimmick. He enlisted people to help him attack Undertaker in what looked like a terrorist attack, and the London terrorist bombings of 2005 occurred days later. UPN demanded Hassan no longer appear on their network, so Undertaker beat him at the Great American Bash and never appeared on WWE TV again.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

Undertaker had one big thing going for him in his later years. Undertaker usually appeared in a small handful of shows each year with WrestleMania being his only big match, where he put his Streak on the line. The idea was that one day someone would end the Streak and that would make them a star.

However, in a very shocking moment, it wasn't a young star getting the massive push by ending the Streak. It was Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX. The argument was that fans would not accept anyone beating Undertaker. Lesnar was the one person who could weather the anger -- making him a more hated star in the process.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

WWE created an interesting angle during the tail end of the Attitude Era that attacked the risque moments that fans at the time loved so much. Stevie Richards became Steven Richards and started Right to Censor. He then convinced porn star wrestler Val Venis and pimp wrestler Godfather to change their outlooks and join him and added muscle in Bull Buchanon and a great female member in Ivory.

They then took on the Divas who loved to show their stuff and anything else that they considered evil and offensive. Of all the ways to end this angle, Undertaker burying the group seemed strange. All four men faced Undertaker in a handicap match and lost, with Venis, Godfather, and Buchanan walking out on Stevie.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

Losing to someone does not mean a person is buried. It also does not mean they "jobbed" out to a wrestler. Every match has to have a winner and a loser. The idea when pushing a young star is to make them look as good as possible in their defeat. This push is what happened on a Monday Night Raw ladder match when Undertaker battled Jeff Hardy.

This match took place on June 1, 2002, and the match was for Undertaker's world championship. No one expected Jeff to win. But, somehow the man known most for his daredevil tag team matches made fans believe he could win. Jeff would win a world title in the future, and that build began here. After winning the match, Undertaker raised Jeff Hardy's hand in the air as a sign of respect.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

Undertaker was not the only wrestler to bury Bray Wyatt. The Eater of Worlds came into WWE with an interesting gimmick that fans loved, but as a heel, WWE decided to feed him to faces. Over the time of the Wyatt Family's dominance, Bray Wyatt dropped further and further in the eyes of fans because he lost every feud.

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The Shield was made to look dominant over the Wyatt Family. In one of his most disappointing losses, John Cena beat him at WrestleMania XXX. There was a chance that Wyatt could overcome this and that came with his match with Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. The match gave Wyatt a chance, even in a loss, but Undertaker beat him cleanly with little struggle and Wyatt fell even more.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

When Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar, that ended The Streak. However, that was the only loss at WrestleMania for the Phenom. It was still a big deal to battle Undertaker at the big event. That gave WWE a chance to put over one of their prized stars in Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.

Roman Reigns didn't need the push. He had won the previous two WrestleMania events, and this was his third win in a row. However, what this was for Undertaker was a passing of the torch. The WWE ring is Undertaker's yard, and after this match, he passed it on to Reigns, who took claim to it as his yard now.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

CM Punk was the biggest star in WWE for over a year. He beat John Cena on multiple occasions and held the WWE world title longer than anyone in the modern era. Punk was a massive star who pushed his way to the top on his own, forcing WWE to recognize his talent in the ring and on the mic.

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After so many people put over Punk, from Cena to Chris Jericho, Punk never got the chance to work the main event of a WrestleMania. The one year that it looked like he would finally get that chance, WWE had The Rock beat him for the title, ending his reign at 434 days. Then, at WrestleMania 29, Undertaker beat him, and Punk left WWE nine months later, retiring from professional wrestling.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

If someone wants a masterclass on how to put over a star in a loss, look at the Undertaker and Mick Foley feud. This match was in the '90s, with Foley as an unhinged heel working with Undertaker's old manager Paul Bearer and Undertaker as the unstoppable monster. This feud could have ended with Undertaker taking out Foley and moving on, but that is not what happened.

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Mankind and Undertaker feuded in some of the most groundbreaking matches in WWE history and the one everyone remembers -- Hell in a Cell. This match saw Undertaker throw Mankind off the top of the cage and through a table, and he got up for more. It wasn't until a chokeslam through the top of the cage to the ring knocked out Mankind that Undertaker won and Mankind left the match as a legend.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

When WWE purchased WCW, they offered WCW stars a buyout on their contracts. One might think that WWE would reward the wrestlers willing to sign with them, considering so many significant stars refused and sat out, collecting checks. However, WWE buried most of the WCW stars once they signed.

The most prominent homegrown stars in WCW were Diamond Dallas Page and Bill Goldberg. When it came to Goldberg, he was a monster, but Page was someone who won fans over with his hard work and dedication. WWE changed him from a popular babyface into a stalker who taunted Undertaker's wife and ended up losing badly to the Phenom during the Invasion.


5 Stars The Undertaker Buried (& 5 He Put Over)

If there is anyone in WWE that Undertaker truly made a star, it is Kane. Consider this one fact -- before he became Kane, Glen Jacobs was an evil dentist and the fake Diesel. This fact made it seem like Kane was coming in as Undertaker's long-lost brother, to face Undertaker and eventually lose, moving on to another gimmick.

That did not happen. Undertaker put over Kane big time in their feud. By the time it was over with, and Undertaker came out on top, Kane was a massive star in WWE. Kane went from a feud with his fictional brother to world title reigns, proving that Undertaker could make a star when he needed to.

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