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This weekend the Road to WrestleMania rolls right through Las Vegas in the form of the Elimination Chamber. Raw's Superstars will take part in their final pay per view before The Show Of Shows in New Orleans. The two focal points of the event will of course be the two Elimination Chamber matches, both of which have already made history in their own unique ways. One of them will feature female wrestlers for the first time ever and the other will host seven Superstars as opposed to the reagular six. Despite these new takes on the chamber the end result will still remain the same, carnage and chaos. The barbaric match was first introduced over 15 years ago and is known as one of the most violent and unforgiving in WWE history. Which Superstars have enjoyed the most success within its chains over the course of those 15 years though?

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One man whose impeccable record inside the Elimination Chamber can't be ignored is John Cena. The 16 time World Champion has stepped inside the chamber six times and managed to emerge victorious from three of them. A 50 percent return on a match that has six people in it is pretty good going by anyone's standards. Those six appearances and three wins will give him a wealth of experience over the other men he faces on Sunday night too. In fact of the other six competitors only one of them has ever stepped inside the chamber before. That man is Bray Wyatt who has wrestled in one, which he won. That's also a pretty impressive return but he doesn't have the chamber pedigree that Cena has.

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Speaking of pedigree there is really only one man that has a better record inside the Elimination Chamber than John Cena, and that man is Triple H. While he won't be stepping inside the structure this weekend The Game has done so on six previous occasions. He has a slightly better return than Cena though, winning four of those six matches. Those are incredible numbers considering the odds involved. The one thing that Cena has over The King of Kings though is he has won a chamber with Triple H inside, none of The Game's four victories were chambers involving Cena. Plus Cena will of course overtake him in appearances once the weekend is over.

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Even with that seventh appearance under his belt Cena will still not have appeared in more Elimination Chamber matches than anyone else. That accolade currently still belongs to Chris Jericho. Y2J has been inside the chamber an incredible eight times. In fact he was in the first three. Despite so many visits to the demonic structure Jericho has only managed to outlast his five other opponents one time. That win didn't come until his sixth visit over seven years removed from the first time he had ever stepped into the chamber. One win in eight isn't a great return but what warrants Y2J's place in this article are his performances while in the matches. Not only has he appeared in more Elimination Chambers than anyone else but he has also eliminated more competitors than anyone with 10 to his name. Cena will need to eliminate all six of the men inside this weekend's chamber to surpass that number.


Thanks to being on SmackDown Live and Elimination Chamber being a Raw exclusive PPV this year Randy Orton will not have the opportunity to improve his numbers. Like Jericho, The Viper has only managed to win a chamber match once in his career. Also like Y2J it took Orton six visits inside the chains before he managed to work out that winning formula. His win came in 2014 and up until this point it is the last time he has had to step inside the chamber. In his six appearances he has managed to eliminate six other Superstars, not quite up to par with Jericho but still pretty impressive.

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Despite there being 20 Elimination Chamber matches since the match's induction there have only been three men to win the match more than once. We have already covered two of them above in Triple H and Cena, the third one is Edge. The Rated R Superstar has the same 50 percent return as Cena, entering four chambers and outlasting everyone else in the match on two of those occasions. The second of those two wins was actually one of Edge's last matches in WWE, coming less than two months before he was forced to retire. Of everyone mentioned in this list Edge is the only one who can rest assured that his great Elimination Chamber record will remain intact forever.


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