Statistically The Worst Elimination Chamber Competitors

The Elimination Chamber is almost upon us and when it comes to the matches that the pay per view is named after we will be seeing some pretty unique things. Firstly the women of WWE will be getting the chance to step inside the demonic structure for the first time ever as five women go after Alexa Bliss and her Raw Women's Championship. In the men's match we will witness another first. That first is seven men competing inside the chamber as opposed to six. In total that makes 13 people competing in Elimination Chamber matches on Sunday night and only two of them have ever been in the match before, John Cena and Bray Wyatt. That's pretty surprising considering after this weekend there will have been 22 chamber matches. What we want to know is in its 15 year history who has fared the worst inside the Elimination Chamber?

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We'll start somewhere that you might not be expecting, especially if you have read the article detailing the the wrestlers with the best chamber records, Chris Jericho. Y2J has competed in more Elimination Chambers than anybody else with the impressive tally of eight to date. Cena will make his personal total seven on Sunday so will still be at least a year away from tying Jericho. Despite competing in more chamber matches than anyone else in history Jericho has only managed to outlast the competition just the one time, and it took him six attempts. He may have eliminated ten people in those matches but one win in eight is pretty poor.

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20 chamber matches with six Superstars in each mean that there are plenty of wrestlers out there with worse records than Jericho's. No matter what you say about the nine time Intercontinental Champion's performances inside the structure you'll never be able to take away that one win. One man who is still looking for that elusive victory is Kane. Five times the Big Red Machine has been selected to be a part of an Elimination Chamber match and he hasn't managed to win one. You would think with his impressive history in Royal Rumble matches that at the very least he will have racked up a few eliminations. Unfortunately not. In five chambers Kane has eliminated just two people. That is pretty poor.


The one thing Kane can boast are those two eliminations. There are a number of Superstars who have been a part of Elimination Chamber matches and not eliminated anyone at all, 23 of them in fact. That list features some big names too such as AJ Styles and Kurt Angle although both of those men plus many others have only been inside the chamber once. When it comes to Superstars with zero total eliminations there is one man who stands alone, Wade Barrett. The Englishman has been a part of three Elimination Chamber matches and didn't managed to eliminate anyone in any of them. No wonder the former king never wound up becoming WWE's first ever British born World Champion with a record like that.

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What Barrett doesn't have going for him is the fact that he is no longer with WWE. That means no matter how hard he tries until he re-signs with the company that terrible chamber record won't improve. There are three men with similarly poor records that are all still with the company however and even though none of them will be stepping inside the Elimination Chamber this weekend, they could still improve their dismal records in the future. Those three men are Big Show, R-Truth and Sheamus. All three wrestlers have competed in four chamber matches each and they are all yet to win them. Their elimination totals are all pretty low too. The Irishman has averaged one per match, Show has two, and Truth has managed to eliminate just one of his opponents.


What no one competing in this Sunday night's Elimination Chamber matches will have to worry about is earning themselves a worse record than any of the Superstars mentioned in this article, at least for now. None of the women have ever stepped inside the chamber before of course so the six of them plus five of their male counterparts will leave Las Vegas with zero wins and zero eliminations from one match at the very worst. Bray Wyatt will likely not make it two in two but does still have last year's Chamber win to brag about, and the only other man to have competed inside the chamber before is John Cena who has won three of the six he has competed in. For the time being the likes of Kane and Wade Barrett's terrible chamber records are safe.

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