Staying Put: 15 Superstars That Will Be With WWE For A LONG Time

Typically in sports, we hardly ever see an athlete stick with one team for their entire career. Sure, occasionally we'll see someone like Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, or Steve Yzerman spend their entire career in one place. But it's extremely rare.

The same thing goes for the wrestling business, as major stars such as Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall have all jumped ship in their careers. But, with the exception of Angle, they all have one thing in common, which is that they all eventually returned to WWE.

These days, there aren't that many options for WWE's biggest stars outside of the company. So, we'll probably be seeing some of the top guys stick around for quite a while, even if it's in their best interest to go away for a while. But, who knows, maybe someone like John Cena or Roman Reigns will shock us all and end up leaving WWE for another promotion, or even for Hollywood.

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15 Sami Zayn

via WWE.com

Rumor has it that the WWE are trying to turn Sami Zayn into what Daniel Bryan was before he was forced to retire. Apparently, they think that if they constantly make him lose big matches, the fans will start to get behind him like they got behind Bryan. The only difference is that WWE didn't try to get get Bryan over, it just happened. So, whether or not this works with Zayn remains to be seen.

If the Daniel Bryan-like booking does end up working for the former NXT Champion, then he'll probably be staying in WWE for quite a while. He certainly has all the traits to make it work: he's likable, he came up the hard way, and he's a fantastic wrestler. But, the WWE has enough problems getting people over when they're constantly winning, so I'm not sure a losing streak will help Zayn's popularity. Nonetheless, he'll probably be in the company for quite some time.

14 Kevin Owens

via WWE.com

Kevin Owens should be WWE's top heel right now. Unfortunately, he isn't. But, with the brand split coming, Owens will be one of the top bad guys on whichever roster he's drafted to and that should help keep him in WWE for quite a while.

Much like Sami Zayn, Owens had an extremely successful independent career, and if he returned to the indie scene, he probably could make way more money than he ever did prior to going to WWE, so he always has that option. But, as previously mentioned, the brand split should help make him one of WWE's top guys, which will keep him in the company for years to come.

If things don't end up going well for Owens after the brand split, I could see him leaving as soon as his WWE contract expires. But, WWE will probably have no choice but to make him one of their top guys, as his work has showed us that he's ready to take a step up in the card.

13 Dana Brooke

via WWE.com

Dana Brooke is far from the most talented performer in WWE's current women's division, but you can tell that the company is absolutely in love with her. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer has said that fans should expect her to end up being the female version of Roman Reigns, so that pretty much tells you how much the WWE brass loves her.

Surprisingly, Dana got called up to the main roster before Bayley, who is more than ready to be on WWE's main stage. The original plan was for Dana to continue her run with Emma on the main roster, but then Emma ended up getting hurt, which forced WWE to put Dana with Charlotte.

Judging from the few matches she's had since coming to the main roster, it's clear that Dana Brooke wasn't ready to be called up. But, that doesn't really matter and even if she doesn't get any better in the ring, she'll still be given chance after chance, much like Eva Marie.

12 Baron Corbin

via WWE.com

Similar to Dana Brooke, Baron Corbin is far from ready to be on the main roster. But, because he's a big guy, WWE decided to call him up before someone who is much more ready to be in the spot that he's in.

You can really tell what WWE's plans are for Corbin if you pay attention to the commentary during his matches, because JBL, who is the voice of Vince McMahon, constantly says "we're looking at a future WWE World Champion." So, it's quite clear that WWE wants to push Corbin all the way to the top of the company, which, unless he ends up getting better, won't work out the way they hope it will.

Because of his size and look, the WWE will continue to give Corbin chance after chance, which means that we'll probably be seeing a lot of "The Lone Wolf" in the years to come. Who knows, maybe one day we'll see a Roman Reigns-like push for Corbin, which would be an even bigger disaster than Reigns' push was, and has been.

11 Nikki Bella

via WWE.com

Even though her sister Brie just retired a couple of months ago, Nikki is still planning on wrestling for a few more years. She's currently recovering from neck surgery, but when she returns, she'll likely be around for a while, barring another injury of course.

Nikki has vastly improved in the ring over the last couple of years and it'll be interesting to see how she looks in the ring when she returns from her neck injury. Of course, she'll likely be put back into the WWE Women's Championship mix upon her return and she may even be pushed as one of the top babyfaces in the women's division.

She's also dating John Cena, so, as long as they're still together, and he's still in WWE, she'll be there, and she'll be pushed as one of the top women in the company. So, expect the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion in history to be with WWE for many years to come.

10 Michael Cole

via WWE.com

Michael Cole has been WWE's lead announcer for quite a while now and that probably won't be changing any time soon. Sure, there are guys on the main roster, like Mauro Ranallo for example, who would breathe a lot of life into Monday Night Raw if he were made the show's lead announcer, but unless WWE is planning on surprising a lot of people at the draft later this month, Ranallo and Cole will remain on their respective shows.

Other than Ranallo, there really isn't anyone in the company who could take Michael Cole's spot as a play-by-play guy. There are better announcers outside the company, but it's clear that WWE isn't looking to replace Cole any time soon. So, everyone should get comfortable with Michael Cole welcoming all of us to Monday Night Raw because he'll be doing it for the foreseeable future.

9 Randy Orton

via WWE.com

Randy Orton has a spot for life in the WWE if he wants it. Rumor has it that Orton does want to work a lighter schedule when he returns from injury, but that doesn't mean that his WWE career is winding down. In fact, he's made it clear in several interviews that he plans to wrestle for another five to ten years.

There are a ton of people speculating that Orton will end up facing Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam this August, which is a match that WWE fans have been wanting to see ever since Lesnar returned to the company in 2002. Of course, Lesnar's SummerSlam opponent was supposed to be announced during Tuesday's SmackDown taping, but, according to multiple reports, there was no such announcement.

Even if Orton doesn't end up facing Lesnar at SummerSlam, he could very well end up facing him at some point down the road, because WWE's "Apex Predator" will be with the company for many more years to come.

8 Charlotte

via WWE.com

Charlotte will probably be at the top of WWE's women's division for several years to come. She's a great athlete and, of course, she's the daughter of arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all-time, Ric Flair. So, she certainly has the credentials to be one of WWE's top women for several years.

Also, along with Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley, Charlotte helped change what women's wrestling in WWE was all about, so because of that, she'll likely have a spot in WWE for life if she wants it.

It wouldn't really be good for the WWE to get rid of one of the four women who changed the face of women's wrestling, and it probably wouldn't be good for Charlotte to leave WWE and wrestle anywhere else. So, she'll probably be in the WWE Women's Title mix for many more years.

7 Apollo Crews

via WWE.com

Apollo Crews has everything it takes to be a top guy in WWE; he has the look, he has the athleticism, and, if WWE ever lets him showcase it, he has the personality. Right now, he's not really being pushed as a top guy and it doesn't really look like WWE is planning on him being a top guy because he's been trading wins with Sheamus. But, eventually, WWE will decide to give Crews a massive push.

At the age of 28, Crews still has a long wrestling career ahead of him and he'll probably end up spending the majority of his best years with the WWE. He'll always have a spot on the roster because of how he looks and it's clear that both Vince McMahon and Triple H are big fans of his because of how quickly he was brought up to the main roster.

As previously mentioned, Crews has all the tools to be a successful main-event level star in WWE. Will he be? Only time will tell. But he is still rather green in terms of big stage experience, so expect the company to push him very slowly.

6 Big Cass

via WWE.com

Big Cass is probably in line for a huge singles push as soon as the brand split happens, because there's a good chance that he and Enzo Amore will be broken up on the night of the draft. If they are, the question everyone will be wondering is, will the fans accept Cass as a big time singles star? My guess is no.

Enzo and Cass were brought up to the main roster strictly because of Cass's size and when Enzo got hurt, it gave WWE the chance to experiment with Cass as a singles star. Apparently they think that he'll end up being a huge singles star, which is why some people are predicting that he and Enzo will end up on different shows following the draft (including us).

Because of his size, and because of how popular his catch phrase is, WWE will likely want to keep him on board for quite a while. So, we probably won't be seeing Cass wrestle anywhere else in the near, or even distant, future.

5 Bray Wyatt

via WWE.com

It's almost a guarantee that Bray Wyatt will be a World Champion after the brand split. He's one of the most popular stars on the entire roster and he'll be a massive babyface whenever WWE decides to turn him. He has a unique look, he has a unique character, he has a ton of charisma, and he's very good in the ring. So, he has everything it takes to be a top guy in the company.

Wyatt is also only 29 years old, so he still has a long career ahead of him in the wrestling business, and even though he's lost at a couple of WrestleManias now, he may end up being this generation's Undertaker if he spends the rest of his career with the WWE.

Sure, Wyatt could take his character somewhere else and get over with it. But, why would he want to? Maybe he'll end up shocking everyone by leaving the company, but, in my opinion, it's safe to assume that he'll be with WWE for a very long time.

4 Dean Ambrose

via WWE.com

Dean Ambrose is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but his title reign may be coming to an end later this month at WWE Battleground. But, that doesn't mean that he won't recapture the gold at some point in the future.

Up until WWE decided to put the World Title on Ambrose, he had been one of the more underutilized guys in the entire company. In fact, he is arguably the most talented of the three former Shield members, but he got used like he was the least talented of the three.

Ambrose is currently one of WWE's biggest stars and, if the company continues to use him correctly, he'll only become a bigger star. So, it wouldn't really make any sense for him to leave WWE or for Vince to let him go at this point, or at any point in the future, which means that we'll be seeing a lot more of Ambrose on WWE television in the near, and distant, future. His work ethic is invaluable.

3 Seth Rollins

via WWE.com

Seth Rollins was WWE's top heel for the majority of last year and he'll probably be their top heel for many, more years to come.

Rollins, along with Roman Reigns, are (likely) going to be the faces of Monday Night Raw after the brand split, so he'll be in a pretty good spot for the foreseeable future. Of course, Rollins did have a successful independent wrestling career before he got to WWE, so he could always go back to a place like Ring of Honor if he doesn't like what's going on in WWE. But, that'll probably never happen.

Rollins may end up being this generation's Triple H, which means that he'll always be in a top spot, no matter which roster he's on and if that ends up being the case, then there's really no reason for him to leave WWE. So, expect "The Architect of The Shield" to be in WWE for at least the next ten years.

2 John Cena

via WWE.com

John Cena has been the face of the WWE for more than a decade now and just because they're trying to move him away from that spot doesn't mean that he'll be going anywhere any time soon.

The former fifteen-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion has made it clear that he's going to be with WWE for the rest of his life. But, will he do what The Rock did and leave the company for a period of time to pursue a career in Hollywood? He has said that he won't, but he certainly has the ability to do so if he decides to.

Cena's WWE schedule will be considerably lighter for the rest of this year due to different non-WWE commitments and Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer has said that Cena will probably never work a true full-time schedule for WWE ever again. But, does that mean that he'll be leaving the company? No. We'll probably still see him every Monday or Tuesday night for the next several years, but he just won't be working a full-time live event schedule.

1 Roman Reigns

via WWE.com

Prior to his 30-day suspension, WWE was trying to position Roman Reigns as the new face of the company, but fans refused to accept him as the company's new top guy. Since his suspension, WWE has been trying even harder to get the fans on his side by having Seth Rollins mock the failed drug test, but, as you would expect, it hasn't worked.

It'll be interesting to see what the company does with Reigns when he returns at the Battleground show. Will they put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back on him? They probably will, but it'd be a bad move.

Most people believe that Reigns has more legs as a heel than as a babyface, but, whatever he ends up being when he returns, he'll probably end up having a long career as a main-eventer in the WWE, whether the fans want to accept it or not.

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