15Sami Zayn

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Rumor has it that the WWE are trying to turn Sami Zayn into what Daniel Bryan was before he was forced to retire. Apparently, they think that if they constantly make him lose big matches, the fans will start to get behind him like they got behind Bryan. The only

difference is that WWE didn't try to get get Bryan over, it just happened. So, whether or not this works with Zayn remains to be seen.

If the Daniel Bryan-like booking does end up working for the former NXT Champion, then he'll probably be staying in WWE for quite a while. He certainly has all the traits to make it work: he's likable, he came up the hard way, and he's a fantastic wrestler. But, the WWE has enough problems getting people over when they're constantly winning, so I'm not sure a losing streak will help Zayn's popularity. Nonetheless, he'll probably be in the company for quite some time.

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